My hidden garden


Dude those look delicious!:money_mouth_face:
Great job @Simo78


Thanks mate


This one (Big Bud) is coming down this weekend

Here is another big bud and 2 super skunk


Looking so good , how does it smoke up.


The big bud is a great cruizey smoke. Takes the edge of the back pain n is a nice relaxed feeling…i smoke a pipe n its got a nice smooth taste to it.
The oil I take mainly at night…cos its a very couch lock high


Couple of Oz’s of the small Big Bud plant


Nice looking flowers🤑


Super Skunk looking good to go. Will come down on the weekend.


awesome @Simo78


@Simo78 you must be swimming in the bud!

Everything looks great!


I have plenty :slight_smile: . I just keep making the hash oil…one pretty happy camper right here.


thats why we are here! @Simo78


Great job buddy looks amazing :wink:


@Simo78. How are you making it. Is it to ricks recipe, and if so what solvent are you using ??


It’s pretty much the same. I soak the buds or trim for 2 weeks…and I evaporate the solution on a low heat for a few days.


A few more days of straight water then these 2 will be cut down. Then it will be into flower for my clones.

Super Skunk

Big bud



Some pics b4 the light came on this morning.


Is it hot there @Simo78 ??


Nah mate. Spring just started 5 days ago. 5th of September today.


The leaves look heat stressed. @Simo78

Old damage?