My hidden garden


Would be nice…but i dont think it will though.


Well as few weeks left,here’s for hoping!


I thought the tall plant on the left in the back was Big Bud from seed…but i must of got some of the plants mixed up at one point, when I had a whole bunch of plants (seedlings and clones of both AK and Big Bud) all in the same tub.
As you can see in these 2 pics.

But looking at these 2 pics you can see totally different bud structure.

Started flushing the strechier plant a few days ago.

This is not a bad problem to have…heavy buds :blush:


Looking great @Simo78 :+1:


Looking the goods :slight_smile:


WOW! that’s awesome @Simo78!!!


The AK will be coming down over the weekend.

Its starting to get some purple on the leaves.

Side by side AK 47 and Big Bud


Looking delicious :+1:


Some pics of the AK with the LED lights off.


all looking quite frosty @Simo78 very nice!


Harvested most of the AK on Saturday morning.

That problem I said wasn’t a bad problem to have…“heavy bud”…just became a bad problem to have!!
The main cola and half the plant fell over n snapped over night.

Some other buds leaning over

And some just some bud porn


Here’s the top that flopped over n snapped off.

Here’s the rest of that plant…will be cut down towards the end of the week.

Some close ups of both the big bud plants


She was ready @Simo78 wow demanding to be harvested!


that’s some great stuff there congrats


The dry weight of the AK is 81grams…and the dry weight of the Big Bud that came off early is 54 grams.

Main cola on the big bud…

So just under 5 Oz dry n ready to smoke…but most will be turned into hash oil.


Just trimming up the big bud plants.


whoa!! nice bud @Simo78


very nice @Simo78 not bad at all!


90% of it all trimmed…I haven’t weighed it yet.
All the small pop corn buds n the trim will go into making more hash oil.


The 4 main colas