My hidden garden


Nice. This is one weed you actually want to come back! :seedling:



The dehumidifier just arrived :slight_smile:


I put In the dehumidifier, I put in a drain from the dehumidifier to res. I also took some more pics while the light was off.


Started to seal in the hidden garden. I got some cool room panels. Still have some sealing up to do…I use one tube of sealant in juts one corner.

So until I finish sealing up the room…the tents will stay.
The room dimensions are 2600mm Long 1000mm wide and 1900mm high


It a bit all over the shop atm but I’m getting there.


I have the 400w hps out of my cupboard now…so I’m flowering all in one spot along with the 600w and 300w LED lights. The super skunk, big bud and ak 47 in the dwc are about 6 weeks in…but have bn neglected…today was the 1st time I have dumped the nute’s and cleaned the res.
The 3 big bud plants at the back are in coco and are a few days into 12/12.


I sorted out water in my room… so now I don’t have to carry buckets.

The small tent is still in the room. I have 3 super skunk clones that have rooted.
Also I took 4 Big Bud clones today.
“The veg tent”


Been following since day one and you got some good looking ladies now! Happy growing friend!


The Super Skunk from ILGM.

2 big bud clones and one big bud from seed. Cloned and sprouted at the same time.


Very nice ,you have done well


Cut down the dwc Super Skunk and Big Bud.


The 2 Big bud clones

The Big Bud from seed

My clones. 1 Super Skunk on the left n 4 Big Bud. The 4 Big Bud clones were taken from the taller better looking flowering clone.



awesome @Simo78!


They are looking marvelous man


@Simo78 they look amazing. Keep up the great work , can’t remember if ilgm seeds ,if so looks like a few bom entries coming up


Not ILGM but associated, AMS. So there could be an entry from this lot.


Great looking grow @Simo78 nice work!


About 6 weeks in


Man if the bud in the second picture stacks up and joins it’s gonna be a 3foot long head stomper​:sunglasses::+1: