My hidden garden


Woohoo nice :+1:


Here’s a shot of the super skunk and a shot of veg tent from this morning.

And also the flower tent… i moved the light to the left this morning…its bn on the right side for 2 days.


3 weeks today n things r looking promising. Although I do need to flush the nute’s and fill the res with fresh nutes.


Dumped n flushed the res…n filled with new nute’s.
Also cleaned up below the canopy…hadn’t touched it till today…it looked pretty shit under there.

Also here is a couple pics of my chilli plant that gets the dumped nute’s.


Looking lovely mate, you end up getting a dehumidifier?


Not yet…no spare coin atm. Should be able to order one this week coming.


Pretty devo this arvo…walking up my drive way I could hear this noise…as I got closer I new what it was, the pump in my veg tent running dry.
I went and filled up a bucket with nute’s…crawled in there n opened the tent…then saw this!

One ak clone and one ak from seed…2 big bud from seed and 3 big bud clones all f…k.d :frowning: .
I poured the nute’s in anyway n I’ll give them a few days n see what happens…but I don’t like my chances.

They must of bn real thirsty cos I put in 10lts of fresh nutes in Sunday arvo…so that was 48 hrs ago.


Good luck, keep us posted, it’s a terrible loss I hope you get something to come back.


Dagum, keep us posted and I hope they pull through


Thanks guys. I’ll keep n eye on them n post pics if anything recovers


There is signs of life this morning.


Oh crap. @Simo78 hoping they fully recover!


I hope your plants recover, that is terrible what happened, Godspeed !!!


Remember to watch for a stress induced hermie. Good luck with the full recovery. I know how it is to loose them at any stage.

I would add some superthrive(or some other form of B vitamins) to help with the stress.

Such resilience…


Had similar issue used advance nutrients revive brought them right back


Man that’s awful, but they trying so
Hope it turns out


Iv decided to dump these. I’ll get new clones. B4 this happened I was thinking about doing a cull anyway n just keeping a couple for mum’s.

The flower tent is looking good though…the smell is really strong :grin: :grin:

I will be moving the 300w led out of the veg tent n putting it in the flower tent soon…iv got a 2 foot twin fluro to go into the veg tent.


It looks a little shaded still on the right after putting the 300w led on that side.


These girls have come back a fair bit. Thinking that each plant should be big n bushy enough to fill a scrog on its own in 4 or 5 weeks…when the current flowering scrog in done. So I might just keep topping until then.