My hidden garden


There looking great ive got to learn to clone


Im sure you can do it mate. A little bit of setting up and you will be smashing out clones in no time.


Few more days ill have my 5x5 tent to go with my 3x3 and 2x4 so ill have the room to do what i want to need to do


Lucky my new flowering tent and light arrived today…cos things are getting crowded in here.
Things will be all go tomorrow.


Its all go!

I did have a extention lead running out to the tent…but sorted this out too today.



They are looking great @Simo78


Thanks @Coltfire .
I thought I switched them to 12/12 the other day…but i noticed a couple days ago that the over ride switch on the timer was on…so they have bn on 24 hrs a day until sunday just went :frowning:


that wont hurt them just ease them around to 12 / 12 a bit at a time


Nah. They were at 24 hrs a day b4 that anyway…so i just went straight to 12/12 as per normal. So just few day behind what i was aiming 4 thats all.


Oh ok, lol

sounds good! darn timer overides!



They look happy :blush:


Thanks. I’m gonna have problems if I don’t sort out an exhuast fan soon…or a dehumidifier…if you zoom in on the left side you can see how much moisture is in there.


Yeah you need to get fans in there asap if the tent is sweating like that you can potentially create a mold situation
Any fan to start with will help but and exhaust fan would be best
How big is your tent I’ll help Size one up for you if you need help with that @Simo78


I have fans moving air around…just not an exhuast fan…i dont have one yet because of money!
I also think the bigger problem isn’t humidity…its because of outside moisture…the hidden garden is out side…so the rain seeps through :frowning: .
I’m working on getting some cool room panels to build a sealed grow room in that spot.



Iv just now gone into my garden and taken this photo…looking at this im thinking I should slide the light from one end to the other day to day…just so I get an even coverage of light across the tent.

Also I noticed that I over feed yesterday…I haven’t bn using the ec meter…I just started the nute’s at 1/4 strength and just bump it up a bit each week with the fresh res change…so just topped it up with Ph’ed water to weaken it a bit.


Pretty stocked with the way things r goin under the led light…so far it seems to be quicker than the hps


No even 2 n 1/2 weeks into flower and it looks like they are already putting on trichomes.