My hidden garden



WOW! beautiful and I bet as potent as heck!


Very nice dude, that space will kick butt in the winter where you are! :+1: :smile:


Is that from AMS ? Black indica? I would like to follow your grow journal from that one, if u start one?


Have you ever tried 315w LEC (light emitting ceramic) ? I like them better than MH/HPS/florescent/LED,

Philips makes the best bulbs.



@Shatter I use 315w lec, 400 hps and a 600w led and 300w led.

@Familyman420 yes it is. That went to shit :cry:




Not far now



Can you post a recipe for the hash oil?



I soak the buds in isopropyl alcohol for a week or so, I use large glass coffee jars.

I pour the solution through fine wire mesh to separate most of the bud marital out. Then I pour the solution through coffee filters to get out the little grity bits.

Then I use a electric food warmer (that doesn’t get any hotter than 60°c) to slowly evaporate the alcohol. It takes about 2 n 1/2 days for 600mm of solution to simmer down to just the hash oil.

Let it cool down and thicken up.
You can put it in capsules or straight under your tongue. Or dab it.


A week? Why not quick wash? Isn’t there a grassy taste?


I’m modifying a vipra 600 this week. It will kick an hps ass after I put in cobs and strips. I’m posting pics on another chat if you want to know how to make those blurples legit. Not dogging them they work. Just not like cobs or hps.


Just a few pic of what’s happening in the hidden garden.
The buds are big black indica. The new plant is Skywalker kush.




Looking good. Glad to see you around.


Just a few days left.


nice looking bud @Simo78