My hidden garden


Awesome, looks good mate! :+1:t3: :grin:


I went away for 3 days, I setup a drip system b4 I left. The system worked well enough for the new clones. But it wasn’t enough for the bigger plant with the extra heat thats bn around.


The older girl is 7 weeks now and the newer ones are about 2 n half weeks . Photos from a few days ago.


@Simo78 Looks awesome dude, great work! :+1:

Hope you & the girls are surviving the heat, I had to switch my lights to overnight when I put the new one in. :sunglasses:


Wow @Simo78 your lady’s look great! Is the flowering one a photo or an auto? I’m sorry for the dumb question


Photo mate. I don’t do autos.


Started to flush the big girl today, she has about a week n half to go.


@Simo78 Awesome mate, bet you’re starting to get excited! :+1:


What I’m pretty keen for is when the other five are done, then compare the weight of this girl to them.
She is covering the same space of 4, of those other plants.
How I do all my crops from now on, will be base on the results.


Sounds like an awesome plan @Simo78 I’ll be watching to see your results :+1:



Lookin good dude, well done! :+1: :smile:


looking great @Simo78


Just doing some trimming. Happy Australia day people.


4 n a 1/4 oz


looks like some quality bud @Simo78


Nice work dude, very well done @Simo78 :+1: :smile:


Just some pics from over the last few days


@Simo78 Fantastic mate, lookin good! :+1: :smile: