My hidden garden

So I just spent the day setting this up…my hidden garden.
I put Big Bud and AK47 Xtrm seeds in…its a little late to start an out door grow in Perth but there is still time…its about a month away b4 the sun reaches its peak in WA.
The back lawn retic run directly under that area so I have tapped into that…which comes on twice a week for 15 minutes.
I have put in a mix of cow manure, coco peat and perlite.
So hopefully these should be pretty much self sufficient.
Good luck to anyone who wants to get to them…they will have to get passed my dogs 1st :slight_smile:


how much sun gets in there…?


Only about 3 hours direct midday sun…also some part sun. But it will be enough. I have done a similar grow in the past…with reasonable results.

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That is very cool! :thumbsup:

Hope Fido doesn’t mind it? :dog:

Just kidding that’s sharp ! :yin_yang:

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Ahwell mate they may not grow into monsters but they’ll certainly grow, good luck!

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Very smart and your good with past results. that’s awesome and the dogs are a plus love it !



They are stretching a bit…but they are growing.
Anything I get from these will be a bonus.

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You may want to separate them before their roots get entangled.


Just had a quick look for the 1st time in a while. Pretty slow going…but they are growing.

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How cute she is lol
Good luck :+1:

So the hidden garden didn’t turn out so well…The plants haven’t shown any sign of grown for a while now.
So things have changed.


AK47 Xtrm and Big Bud clones

These are the 3 seeding that have bn doing nothing in the ground…hopefully they will take the move.

One Super Skunk fem seedling


Good to see you around again mate, hopefully things do much better now they are receiving some good light, fingers crossed for you :+1:


Have you noticed any kind of moisture sensitivity with your Big Bud? I lost a seedling to dampening off and was told they’re a bit finicky. I was wondering if you’ve had a similar experience?

I had 6 seeds sproute outside, 3 AK n 3 Big bud…I now have 3 left 2 Big bud and 1 AK …I think the reason I lost them has more to do with being moved around to much rather than moisture. They went from the hidden outside spot …to the veggie patch then into the tent. Lost one to a caterpillar!


Pics from yesterday.
I did have Maxicrop seaweed solution with non ph’ed tap water in the tub…but iv just changed it to a Hydro veg solution ph’ed to 6.

Super Sunk seedling


Todays pic with the LED light off


4 days with the new solution n they seem to be loving it.

Super skunk seedling


They look like they are on the road to recovery, your doing great @Simo78 keep the updates coming, much appreciated! Love this reading stuff :wink::+1::joy:


Just waiting on 2nd flowering tent to arrive so i can start flowering some of these.