My harvest report

Well I thought I had to cut them down too early but after drying them in my herbsnow dryer the trichomes are all cloudy. My seeds were from ILGM 2 auto blueberry and 1 auto northern lights. My 2 blueberry girls gave me 5 1/2 oz and the northern girl almost 2.
With a 3x3 tent and a 600w viparspectra LED light. It pulls 260 actual watts giving me a grand total of 0.8 grams/watt :smile: already tried both and they are incredible potent.



Congratulations very nice buds.

Thank you my first grow

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I know that’s a good feeling to be looking at finished product. Pretty darn good light for the money

I’m very pleased with the light only cost me $160 off amazon

Get yourself one more of those lights and see how big a difference your harvest report will be. I just harvested 10oz off one white widow auto in a 20"x36" tent with a 315w cmh


Nice that’s a big girl

That’s the 2nd herbsnow drier I’ve seen this week.

My buds weren’t as dense as I thought and got a little airy when they dried so I think it dried them too much to cure but they came out smelling nice and it smokes good and smooth. Maybe with denser buds they would come out with 14% moisture to cure. This was my first grow so I’m not complaining.

More light would likely give more density to your buds.

I wasn’t knocking the drier. It looks interesting.

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I didn’t think you were knocking it. I was just sharing my first experience with it. I’m sure people are curious if they work. It dried my weed in just 6 hours short of 4 days and I have no hay smell, joints burn nice with white ash and I didn’t get a chance to flush so I’m thinking something else must cause that nasty black ash.

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Do you think more red spectrum would help? I was thinking of adding one of those 90w red bloom booster led

I agree with hornhead If down the road you do want to add more light I would add another one like what you got. It will more than pay for itself in one plant. Have fun growing good luck.

nice fluffy looking buds…congrats

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I think you’d get better results with another light. Whether it be another like you have (at least 200 actual watts of blurple) or a quantum board, cob, or strip light of at least 120watts.

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Thanks for the advice everyone

That’s great, im about to go into flowering with a bit over 450w from the wall on 3 different chinese lights, and looks like you got very good results from the Vipar
Gives me hope!
Honestly, if i were to spend another 150usd on more light it would be the 135w QB kit from HLG…
It will outperform the Vipar 600w while covering more area and using less electricity…

Idk I got .8 g/w I’m pretty sure that’s really good

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Im on my first grow, and after a lot of reading and asking questions, i found that lights make a big difference on final results.
Like i said, i think you got great results at 0.8g x watt, and i will be very happy with my harvest if i get close to that!

But apparently there are lights capable of over 2g x watt, like the quantum boards…
I’ve been checking on HLG kits a lot lately, but i actually cant spend that much yet, so i have been thinking of one of these:

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