My harvest is bad

I don’t know if im in the right section, but my harvest so far sucks.
Im first time grower and purchased 10 feminized purple haze seeds. I lost 3 plants to critters, grew 3 indoors in 5 gallon buckets and 4 plants in an outdoor garden which gets plenty of sun.
At time of harvest, i made sure that the time was right by looking at bud with magnifier. I also had to do a partial harvest at end of season due to heavy frost.
Ok my point is i had plants inside and out.
After harvest, followed directions on drying, and jarring.
My buds taste terrible, barely get a buzz and the bud feels super dry, but has a weird feel and smell

to it… and doesn’t have a pot like smell to it.
During the grow season this year, the plants looked very healthy, and i really didn’t have to do much with the soil because plants looked good, so what happened? Im wondering if I harvest to early or to late, but i did harvest different times because not all 7 plants where in the stage… here’s a pic of a dried bud.
Thanks and sorry it was a long question

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Welcome to the community, I would like to help but need a few more pics and clearer :love_you_gesture:

These are the only pics at this time. I will be opening a new jar this weekend.

First off welcome to the forum. Growing directly in the ground and letting mother nature do her thing will grow beautiful plants, but you are unable to control feedings, and flushing, which the end result can be ,bad flavor and smell. As for being to dry the dry time was probably to long before curing. From the 2 pics it looks like mold, when you get the other pics, we may be able to see a little better, still a bit blurry.

Dforce, thanks for the info… i was afraid of it being mold.

Inspect with an eyelope, IF you have mold there are other things you can do with it. There are people here that will chime In and give you some ideas. We need some clear pics though.

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Welcome to the forum. Looks like there may still be a few white hairs on the buds pictured. Immature buds won’t taste or smoke as good as ripe, mature, fully developed flower. Won’t get you high much either. Just going by the pictures shown.


Welcome to the community. I’m going to have to agree with @Dforce. It does look like you have some mold on those buds.
Don’t let it discourage you this is a learning experience. Your next grow will be Better. Happy Growing :blush::v:

Much appreciated.


That is what am seeing. I had a similar experience with purple haze despite growing under good indoor conditions.

The flower was so dense you had to open them up and inspect everything very carefully. I tossed out and burned the affected ones. Every thing else received a bud wash.


I opened another jar of unknown seed. Seems to be the same. I don’t understand, during drying time i had temp perfect and humidifier keeping constant rh.
Here is unknown bud.


It is hard to tell but if it is in fact mold / bud rot it was there when it went into the jars. At that point it will grow and spread no matter what the conditions are. The bud must be clean of any mold before going into the jar. I am sorry to see / hear of this. We put too much into it to have this happen at the end.
In my case I had three crops of purple haze and all three had bud rot. In all cases the humidity was below 50% from mid flower to harvest. Temps were not above 80 usually 75 or below and will good air movement. If mold was present it was in the largest, densest bud.
This is different bud from a different crop than shown above

This is what was left after cutting out and disposing of the infected part. It was almost the entire main colas.

Every thing received a peroxide and water bath. No reoccurrence in the jars.

Thanks for your info. Unfortunately all my jars are like this… what a bummer. Should i just trash all this? Good thing i kept the sugar leafs… at least i can get a buzz.


Do you have any pictures of the plants before harvest

If it is mold I do not think it can be salvaged.

If it is mold don’t toss it out. Decarb it and extract the thc. So many uses for this

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