My GSC Extreme Auto Grow!

Yep… I agree. :point_up::point_up:

The spots do not wipe off.

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Does the plant look healthy? Is this throughout the whole plant or just a few leaves? Top or underside of leaves or both? Maybe take a picture of whole plant.

Sure I’ll take some pics later today when I’m off work. The plant looks to be doing just fine just a few of the lower fan leaves getting affected. Top side of the leaves.

Plants are looking great! It’s getting damn hot these days though. I’m not sure if I’m too concerned with the white spots. I’m familiar with powdery mildew on my zucchini plants and this doesn’t look like mildew or mold really.

Plants :seedling: are looking good.
Not sure :thinking: if this is what you’re seeing but it could be thrips which is a common outdoor cannabis pest. This may help:

Spinosad can be a good organic pesticide for controlling thrips.

Hey everybody- I need some help. So I was on vacation and return back to my GSC Autos still looking healthy for the most part- and their buds are getting bigger too. However, some of the foliage is beginning to turn a lighter color as can be seen in the images. My question is: is this just normal for plants entering the ending weeks of their life cycle, or should I feed them immediately? Also I’m concerned about the spots as they seem to maybe be spreading slightly. Is it safe for foliar spray at this point? I don’t want anything in the end product bud.

Secondly, here are some pics of some young Lemon Skunks. They are having some problems. They are going through explosive vegetative growth but their lower foliage seems to be encountering something odd- the leaves are turning yellow then browning almost as if they’ve been nute burned into oblivion but I have been feeding them very little because they are still young, so this surely isn’t the case. There is some surface level mold growing on the medium but I had that on a lot of seedlings (tomatoes, lettuce, etc…) and from what I’ve researched the mold is not harmful and just stays on the surface- but someone let me know if I’m wrong. Not sure what to do here.

Also I forgot- on that last gsc auto pic (I know it’s hard to tell but my jewelers loupe hasn’t arrived yet), could someone tell me how the Trichomes are looking? Is it time to start flushing? Sorry I know that’s asking a lot but anything helps!

Hey MD, it’s normal for the leaves to start dying off during flower. Think of it as a nutrient bank. The plants focus is growing flowers and will draw nutrients from the bank as needed. That being said they might be a little hungry. If your feeding them, back off the N and go heavier on the P & K. Foliar spray is fine but do it in the evening or early morning as the droplets can act as little magnifying glasses and burn your plants if spraying during the hot daylight.

Looking at your last pic you still have a way to go yet. Here is where patience will really pay you back. Your flowers are starting to mature and put on weight. Watch your pistils (little white hairs on your flowers). They will turn brown and even die back when your plant starts getting closer. By then your jewelers loupe should arrive and you’ll be able to see the trichomes better. Your looking for the trichs to be cloudy and turning amber. Amount of amber is more about personal preference. Strain genetics aside more amber trichs will give you a more couch lock body type buzz where fewer trichs will be more uplifting.

Here are some bud shots. The jewelers loupe is coming tomorrow. I feel like I see brown hairs- are these the browning pistils you mentioned ?

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Looking good, brown pistils, yes! Hard to tell but looks like the trichomes are starting to cloud up a bit but I think you still have a way to go yet. When looking for amber look on the calyx not the the sugar leaves.

Need help ASAP! I may be encountering bud rot but can’t tell. About 2-3 of the plants are unaffected, but I can’t tell whether it’s just dirt kicked up by the storm that just rolled through or bud rot or both or what! The jewelers loupe should be coming today but it’s been delayed for some reason. What do I do?

Sorry if the pics are crappy the humidity is amping up so the camera gets foggy. There is foliage death on lower leaves of affected plants.

Also- there is a smell different from usual- I can’t tell if this is from rot or from maturing bud. It almost smells like weed but after it’s been decarboxylated and infused into a cookie or something. Different from how it smelled last week.

I really can’t tell if it’s bud rot or something else from the pics but it sure looks like it. Sorry brother, It’s not good that’s for sure. I think your first step is to try to determine if it is bud rot. Here is a link to some good information with potential options that may help:

Keep us posted!

Yea it’s bad but I think really it only killed off one plant and that was the tiny fella who was super dense and bushy. 3 other plants don’t seem to really be affected and just had some dirt kicked up on their lower foliage and bud and one plant had I think a small amount on one branch but I discarded it. Here is a small sample of bud I took off the tippy top of the tiny plant which was unaffected. I’m gonna smoke it and see how it is. I know it’s not dried but here goes nothing. The jewelers loupe is proving somewhat tricky to use, but all the buds seem to be mostly cloudy with maybe a small amount of trichomes turning amber on lower buds. Will be monitoring closely.

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Hey guys I still kind of suck at using the jewelers loupe but most of the trichomes look still cloudy to me under inspection- maybe Someone can look at these pics and offer an opinion? Also I think I was right about that short dense plant- whole thing rotting with visible streaks of white mold, etc. but check this little popcorn nug I took off the bottom of one plant that looks brown on the bottom. Upon inspection of the inner bud, my inexperienced eye sees only green. Most of the brown stuff seems to come off upon gentle rubbing and seems only on the outside- uncharacteristic of bud rot. Any thoughts?

Hey MD. Yeah the jewelers loupe takes a little getting used to. From what I’m seeing your buds are mostly cloudy and getting there but no amber yet. Make sure you’re looking at the calix and not the sugar leaves. Patience is important here. Your buds are still putting on weight and if you pull them too early your plant won’t reach full potential.

This may help you.

Up Close Pics of Trichomes!

Had to harvest. Small buds but here’s the question: upon examining some bud, they are slightly brown on the tips or other parts, but I don’t see any wispy hairs or mold under the jeweler loupe. Do I dry this bud?

see what I mean?

From the pic it looks fine.