My growing experience

@ArtG pics?

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Something is starting to smell really nice out on my lenai. I hope the neighbors enjoy it as much as I do!

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My seeds sprouted on June 12 and I’ve been growing them outdoors. They are supposed to be feminized White Widow, but today they are beginning to flower. That’s only two months! It has been very hot and humid here all summer but the last week and a half have been overcast and rainy with nighttime temperatures in the 75 degree range. The plants are only about 17 inches tall. I wonder if I got auto flowers instead of feminized?

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Thats probably just preflowers. Showing off there lady bits!

Outdoor has a longer transition then when you flip to 12/12 indoors.

Looking good!

I moved my girls into the tent three days ago, fed them some 2-8-5 and put them on 12/12. They have turned into thirsty bud monsters over night. The one in this pic I’m going to have to stake because the top cola is starting to sag from the weight already. Buds are popping out all over. It’s amazing that something so simple can bring a big grin on my face!

Starting the 5th week of flowering. I’m thinking I’ll give them another 6 weeks before harvest. They have been through a lot so I’m happy they continue to bounce back from all the abuse I’ve given them trying to fight off all matter of infestation.


Help! What is going on with this plant? It seems to be dying from the bottom up. I have four in a 3X3 tent and this is the only one going south. White widow in 6th week of flower.

@ArtG Is the soil dry? It kinda looks that way but I have bad vision so I could just be seeing something that isn’t there. :joy:

No it’s damp

Too damp is my guess

Well my White widows are curing in jars. Of the five I had 1 runt at about 15” but buds from top to bottom. The largest at about 28” turned hermaphrodite but again almost solid buds from top to bottom. Not a Hugh yield at about 1 oz per plant but a nice smoke with a smell of fresh hay. I planted a Jamaican seed I acquired on 9-28 and now 28 days later it’s about 10” high and beginning to show her sex. I’m going to add some light to see if I can get her back in veg. Jamaica is pretty much 12/12 year round so don’t know how they manage to grow such monsters outdoors. I’m hoping to keep this one in veg for at least 12 was. I also planted 5 Lowryder auto in the tent which sprouted last night. Looking for a harvest on these in early January.

I ordered 5 Lowryder autos and got 6 seeds planted all 6. 5 have fat leaves and one has narrow leaves. Now I don’t know if I got 5 Lr and 1 unknown or 5 unknown and 1 Lr.