My growing experience

About 1968 a friend of mine gave me a bag of big fat seeds of unknown origin. I tilled up my mother’s garden which was next to a small river. I planted the seeds and waited for them to start to flower then I removed all the males and ended up with about 200 plants. That was the extent of the TLC my plants got. After about 4 months when the buds matured I pulled them up and hung them upside down in my mother’s attic till they were dry. The next few days I spent removing the buds and putting them in baggies. I ended up with about 200 lbs of some of the best smoke I’ve ever had. Now you have to be a chemist, electrician and horticulturist and have deep pockets to be able to afford all the paraphernalia required. I’m about to start my second growing experience and I’m going to do it the same way I did my first grow. I’ll let you know how it works out.


Hey @ArtG welcome and excited to see hope you share pics that would be alot of pot

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Yeah, I can’t wait to see pics of your 200 females!


I’m only growing 2 plants this time and they are feminized so I can skip one step. I just plan on planting and harvesting with maybe a little watering.


damn. I thought we were going to see a pot farm.

With only 2 you are not giving yourself any cushion. When growing 200 you are bound to have some stand outs and lose a few to whatever.

Good luck


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Hey, @ArtG, welcome to ILGM! I’d be willing to bet that with today’s genetics compared to what you had back then, you’re going to blow away the smoke you got then. I’ll be along for the ride. :v:


OK! I’ll grow 5. What size buckets do you have there?

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I have 5 gallon fabric grow pots.

If your growing outside and they are photos try to grow in 10 gallon pots, 7 if you have to, 5 you can but sorta a waste.

Biggest thing will be to make sure you have really good soil.


I have 7 gal pots and very good soil.


I’m so excited all 5 of my seeds sprouted today!


Heck yeah! Congrats!

@ArtG, 5??? You are short 195 plants!

Good luck!

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It’s been 9 days since they sprouted and they are not doing real good. They stretched a lot after sprouting and now that they are finally showing signs of growing the flimsy stems can’t support the new leaf growth. I propped them up with toothpicks split on one end to make a crutch. Can I add more soil around the stems without harming them?

Are they outside? You can push some soil around the bottom of the stem to help brace them up as well. Also if you can get a slight breeze going on them that will help with stem and root strength. If you are inside perhaps need to move your light closer as they are stretching for the light.

This is WW at a 16 days outdoors. Seems to me to be stretching a lot. I’m thinking of FIMing in a couple days to see if I can get a bushier plant. All 5 look similar except one runt about half the size but still surviving. Any suggestions?

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@ArtG Lookin healthy!

As long as they are healthy you can just let them do their thing.

Or you could bend over sideways to create a “manifold”.

Or you could FIM.

It’s your choice as long as they are growing well.

I had a white fly infestation and treated with a soap solution that must have been too strong. I got rid of the flies but I almost killed my plants. To my surprise they have managed to recover. I might end up with some buds yet! I fimmed the two biggest ones and now they are sprouting out shoots all over the place, even on the lower main stem where I killed of a lot of the growth with the soap solution. Stay tuned.

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