My grow room (open to suggestions)

I’m sending a video of my grow room set up. I built and insulated a 6x5x6 area in the basement and covered the interior walls with mylar reflective. Installed an fresh air intake covered with a charcoal filter and a small box fan at the entrance to grow room to pull air into it and used an bathroom exhaust fan with a 25 ft run of flex duct that is teed at the dryer connection for exhaust. I have 2 45 watt led red, blue and IR rays and a thermometer for temp and humidity. I also have a cooking thermometer protruding through the wall at the exhaust fan to measure exhaust air temp. I have been using Seltzer water and bat guano, earth worm castings, compost and organic potting soil. I have 2 northern lights, 3 ak-47 and 1 OG kush.

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We need pictures. I don’t think vids work unless it’s a link to a website. Also, seltzer water is usually only used as foliage spray and not for roots. Roots like oxygen not CO2.


Also, the northern lights plants are what I’m growing and they are very forgiving. Just make sure you keep your calcium and mag levels up.

Thanks, using frog brand bat guano and earthworm castings with weekly doses of Epsom salts. I also use seltzer water to water and mist for co2.

So far so good with Seltzer water plant growth exploded after using it. I have food trays with iron grating to elevate the plants about 1 inch off the floor, with fresh air pulled in by small fan even with the platform to bring O2 directly to root system.

Yes I discovered my video would not upload. I hate doing still photos…lol.

Oh good. Just making sure you weren’t drenching the roots with co2. I may try it on mine and see what happens.

What lights are you planning to use for the whole grow?

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Youtube embeds work.

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