My grow journal


Okay so I figured i would start a grow journal so anybody can keep up with my baby lol so here it is from baby-7weeks. It’s a bag seed so I’m not sure yet if it’s male/female as of now. But I’m hoping it is female lol I also haven’t been growing that long this is actually my very first grow so not sure what stage I can tell the sex. So if anyone can tell by any of these pictures please don’t hesitateto let me know! Any and all comments are welcome even if it kills me LOL

These pictures is what it looks like today 6/18/17.

Looking for a hydro grower to grow againest

Looking good man. Won’t tell the sex for a while.


How old would you say those are in them pictures @bruinsfan33?


Going on 3 months maybe. Seeing how its a bag seed. Can safely assume it’s not an auto flower. So by about 3 months they should be showing. Going into the flowering stage. Might be wrong, but that’s about the range.

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Oh ok so yeah I have a little while to go then lol and yeah I doubt it’s an auto flower. I plan to force flower about 3 more months or so give or take a little. I just don’t wanna start it to soon nore to late. @bruinsfan33


Can you tell by looking at it up close what the sex maybe? @bruinsfan33 @Hogmaster


I definitely can’t maybe @Hogmaster can , but I doubt it. Looks pretty young. I got some reg Durban’s off off ILGM. Going on 35 days. Same boat as you. Going to grow them until I see balls or hairs. Fingers crossed. Got 7 going. Hoping for at least 3 fems.


Oh wow @bruinsfan33 I didnt know it took that long to confirm the sex lol, but it looks good brother great job. I had 4 going but 3 didn’t pop so I’m praying this is fem and if not I’m scewed at least until I get paid to be able to buy some WWAFS that’s my fav kind of burn well that and MR purple nice guy.

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Few ways for early sex. Can always google it. Good info.


Two WWautos pic taken today.

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That’s awsome they are a beautiful crop @bruinsfan33 I definitely look forward to gettin some. And thanks for sending me the other post I’m gonna go read up on it.

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What you will need to do is once they get 4-5 nodes change them to flower 12/12 light and watch them closely. In a week or so they will start showing either the pistils or male parts. I’m told you can then return them to veg by changing the light cycle back to what you were running in veg and veg them to the size you want.

Perfect day for an experiment :)

So for outside, throw a trash bin over it at 5pm uncover when I leave at 3am for the morning sun to hit it around 515 and after a week that might give a clue?

@Stoner_Cody420 always good advice on here. Learn something new everyday


Im definitely going to have to try that out @bob31 thanks for that tip I had not a clue that was even possible lol and @bruinsfan33 i only grow indoors because of the fact we have a lot of property and the deer and bugs kill them everytime I do an outdoor grow. I love learning new stuff that’s why I’m soooo glad to of found this site/group.


Thank you for sharing and i’m sure everyone will like to see the out come of your young lady.



Thank you Bruinsfa33, that easily explains it.

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Week 8 it’s got a little light bleetching but it’s gotten a ton better that I moved the light back 3/4" I have a grow tent and a 300w led light on its way so once I get it I’ll be all set to grow more.


@Stoner_Cody420 looking good :blush:
So you have plants inside and out?
I’m watching to see how this turns out
Happy growing brother :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB
Just tag me if I can help some how
If they are photo plants you’ll be able to tell once you switch to flower about a week or two in

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Thanks alot my dude but No this is the only one i have right now I’m about to grow some green crack and WWAFS soon as I get my tent and light. I grow indoors because the bugs deer rabbitsLOVE to eat weed LOL and it makes me very angry :imp: to walk out to check on them and see that there no longer there lol so I just do the inside grow so I know they are safe lol happy growing to you as well brother @Countryboyjvd1971


Nice all good @Stoner_Cody420
I was just wondering
I have both in and outdoors grows going
Outsides giving me some issues had two plants hermi on me so I had to cull them they where big too oh well still have 3 outdoors and 8 indoors
I’ll be harvesting one tent this weekend and my other in a few weeks then I’ll be doing a gold leaf grow maybe 6 total I two tents
I also have a auto super hash going in my third tent
:+1::cowboy_hat_face: first Auto grow ever crazy how fast they grow compared to photos
If you want I’ll tag you to my threads bro