My Grow Journal from a first time indoor grower Amnesia Haze

Looking good brother :+1:

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Another week down, Time for an update. The BBK is doing great started to flush this week plan on cutting down in two weeks. As soon as the BBK is done and out of that tent I will be growing a Sour Diesel Auto next. Now the OG Kush is starting to take off. The two that I am growing are complete opposite of each other in terms how they are growing. The left hand plant is looking like it is going to be a bushy plant, while the plant on the right looks like it will be a tall and skinny type. Now since I finished my last Amnesia Haze plant from the 5 pack of seeds I got I wanted to take a moment to give my finial thought on this strain for anyone who has never tried this strain and are thinking about growing it. All 5 of the seeds I got sprouted and in general this strain was very easy to grow once I got the right lights and gave them more room to grow. Only downside with growing this strain is it needs a long time to flower. The ilgm page says around 9 weeks but I needed to take it to about 12 weeks myself to get it where I wanted it. As for the smell and taste, it has a great lemon smell and taste that I really like. My friends who have tried it keep asking me for more of it. This strain needs a lot of room to grow so if you are restricted in growing room this might not be the strain for you.



Outmotherfreakingstanding. My experience has been that the flowering time from most breedsers are off by 2-3weeks. I think that most of this is the 8-14 day transition time from flip to actual beginning of flower :v:


I just noticed something with the BBK I harvested a few weeks back that is making me a little worried. Just pulled out a jar to get some for my after work burn break and as I was starting to break a bud up I noticed what looked like little puffs of smoke coming off of it. I checked the rest of my BBK and it is all doing it. Is this mold spores I have on my BBK?

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I don’t know brother. Have you looked at a bud with a scope? I wouldn’t know without looking at it in person. I wish that I could be of more help. How dry is it? I can say that a lot of bag weed that we have smoked over the years has some sort of mold in it, their drying methods are definitely less than perfect :v:

I have looked at it under a scope and I do not see anything wrong. The bud in the jar is dry not super dry but dry. I have been just pulling out some to last a day or two and after a few hours it gets nice and dry. I know what happened. The weather I have in Florida dries out my bud really fast to the point that it only takes 3 days to dry for me. If I let it dry past 3 days or if I do not keep rotating my hanging buds in the drying tent like a mother goose they will get over dry and taste like hay. That is what happened to my first four amnesia haze plants, the fifth plant I got it spot on. However with the BBK I only gave it 2 days and was hoping the humidity packs I used would help me finish drying it out. Guess I was wrong. Luckily I can say I only have about 2.5ozs of that BBK left. So what should I do with it. Smoke it, make butter with it, or toss it. Keep in mind I got plenty of amnesia haze to last until my next BBK is ready.

Are you at home or work? I’ll give you a call, if it’s cool :+1:

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Kicking back at home right now. Yea if you want to call go ahead.

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