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Thank you @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @DankGunslinger @Nicky @ILGM.Support
So my story starts back in June. Got a bag and it had seeds, 9 of them. Flung em in dirt and crossed fingers. Anywho … Mid to late October I cut em down. Around early July I started thinkN maybe I should try indoors so I won’t have to stand in line for hours on end at the dispensary. So July 27th I bought 5 clones.

Here are 3 of them on September 18th. I had no idea how to determine how many weeks they were for veg stage.
I found that by this point they had spider mites and nute issues and lockout. So I was freaking out and posting crazy on the forum. I got some Dr. Zymes for the mites and stopped nutes all together for 4 weeks. Ph’d water only. Then after that 1/4 dose Big Bloomz and 5 ml Cal-Mag per feeding for the next 4 weeks. Then I added 1tbsp Blackstrap molasses unsulphured per gallon for every feed.
I flipped to 12/12 lighting 2 weeks ago today. I would say they were 12-14 weeks veg at that point. They are now in flower.
So my question now is…they just went full flower bud sites today. Am I 2 weeks in flower or does it start today???


You would be starting week 1 of flower.


I switched the lights 12/12 two weeks ago when they were in preflower. So your saying it is only 1 week??? I’m confused… @Bobbydigital

Flowering timer doesn’t start until preflowers appear.

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There’s a transition period before they get into full flower. It can take 1-2 weeks after light change to transition from preflower to actual flower. Once the pistils start making a crown on the top, you can start your flower period.


Preflower hairs started 2 weeks ago.

If it’s two weeks since 12/12 and you are seeing first pistils then you are starting week 1 of flower.


OK…lol…newbie here. OK so today is day 1. Just crowned today. Flipped light time 2 weeks ago today.

That’s about the right timeline. When I would run 18/6 light hours and switch to 12/12 it would take 12-14 days for me. But when I run 6/2 light hours and switch to 12/12 it has taken 9 days every time. On my fourth grow of 6/2 and it’s right on track to flower at 9 days again.

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What is 6/2???

Its 8 lol

Ok bad joke but I’m confused as well

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I’m still confused???

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6 hours on 2 hours off rhats how I vegged my current grow also. It basically breaks the 18/6 up. Ita just another veg lighting schedule. Instead of 18 straight on you are doing 6 hours on two hours off 6 on 2 off 6 on 2 off.


Sounds like that would mess a plant up. But I understand what it is now.

I wish I figure out my timer…had it for a month now and have no clue how to work it.
The 12/12 works best for me. I turn them off 6am before i go to work and back on 6pm.

Yep, just as @DankGunslinger stated. It helps keep heat down by only running lights for 6 hrs at a time with a 2 hour break. It also stops that droopy look you can get from the plants after running 18 straight hours of light. Then plants never have that worn out look.

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You still go 12/12 for flower. Just during veg do you do 6on 2off.

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I never had that happen with droopy plants and I ran 24/0 until 2 weeks ago.

What kind of lights are you running?

LED 2- 1200w and a 600w actual wattage is 551