My Grow Journal: Experiment-Stress Training For better quality and bigger yield

Just a few months ago, a friend of mine sent me a couple of seeds to grow. One of the seeds that I received is Blueberry Strain. In Aug, I plant several seeds include this Blueberry at the same time, most of the plants are almost ready to harvest, except this Blueberry strain. For whatever reason, this plant wouldn’t grow.

So, I decided to experiment with this one plant. This isn’t the lab setting, so I did my best to make a note and take photos, but it’s not perfect. Also, this is still in a veggie state, so the results are not going to be available until a few months later. Since this particular seed did not grow at the same rate as the other plants thus, keeping it longer in veggie was necessary.

The idea of plant training is to create several top colas to take the best advantage of indoor grow lights.

Stress Training Techniques:
• HST/LST using fimming/topping, bending
• “Chiropractic” pinch/pop method by Kyle Kushman – YouTube Reference
Cannabis Super-Cropping: Kyle Kushman's "Chiropractic" Plant Training Method / Green Flower - YouTube
• “Schwazzing” defoliating method by Joshua Haupt – Feed MICRONUTRIENTS
after defoliating and not heavy on MACRONUTRIENTS for about 1-2 weeks.

Strain: Blueberry (Fem)
Note: There is some conflicting information about the plant size for this strain. ILGM indicates Blueberry plant size is tall. But what I have experience growing this strain, it is much shorter than other strains.

9/1/2019 (4 wks veggie)
This is what it looks like after 4 weeks into veggie. Short, but has about 3 nodes.

I know It is pretty young plant but looks healthy. As an experiment, I decide to apply HST- fim

10/6/2019 (8-9 wks veggie) - HST (fimming) last month) starting to branch out and new stems grow about 12 inches. But it didn’t look full and still short.

New stems are very thin/skinny. So, I applied HST “Chiropractic” method by Kyle Kushman and the bending method to shape branches. This stress training to expose multiple nodes growing on branches to the light. BTW, “Chiropractic” on cannabis stems really works!
The area where I bent started to show stress and the skinny stems couldn’t support the heavy leaves.

To give some support on the stressed area of each branches, I made 4 of this DIY support stick, using disposable plastic knifes. Push down each ‘support stick’ to soil below the stem where I applied bending technique and let the thin stem to rest on this support stick. (Sorry, it’s not the best photos)

Now all new bud sites (it could have been turn as popcorn bud) now exposed to the light.

10/18/2019 (10 weeks veggie)
All stems completely healed from the Stress Training and start to form 4 strong branches.
All those popcorn bud sites exposed to the light now starting to grow upwards toward to the light. Light Trimming done. Removed support sticks. ( No more droopy stems.) Getting fuller now.

11/06/2019 (12 wks Veggie)
New leaves coming out producing new nodes of its own. Filling up the pot nicely.
All areas where I applied HST/LST are healed and stems are very strong and thick. The plant color looks good. Very few fungus gnats found. As a preventive bug Infestation, applied
2 Tbsp of DE (Diatomaceous Earth) spread on the top of the soil.

**I will be keeping this about 4 more weeks in veggie, then, flip the light to 12/12. The height of this plant is about 8 inches above the soil. I will still have to apply “Schwazzing” defoliating method by Joshua Haupt – Feed MICRONUTRIENTS after defoliating and not heavy on MACRONUTRIENTS for about 1-2 weeks after Schwazzing. **

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Nice. If it dont do what you want tie it up and beat it to submission lol


Excellent work! She is a beautiful plant.


Nice job keep us informed on progress @THCCBD and thanks for tag I’ll be watching

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@Kenken I will come back after a few more weeks and show how she is doing. I made a scrog today and I will put it over her after she gets a few more bud sites. I am mainly curious how much it will yield in the end. Example: If I can keep plant in veggie for 4 months with various stress training mentioned in this experiment and it can yield 500g vs same strain in 2 months veggie will yields 200g, it will be totally worth to be patience and keep plants in longer veggie period apply the same technique going forward. We (our state) allowed only 5 plants at a time, and I also have a limited space in the tent. So, If I can keep 2-3 plants in flowering and follow by 2-3 plants in veggie, I can harvest 2-3 plants every 2 month. Perpetual harvest is the goal.


Awesome work! Love the training techniques. Not only should ur popcorn be more cola sized, but with the extreme stressors, you should get 210% effort from the plant!

I know this is hindsight, but a twin clone just grown with simple tweaks then compared for the smoke would have been an awesome comparison point.

Needless to say, im here and set to watching


I especially like “Chiropractic” pinch/pop method by Kyle Kushman – YouTube Reference .

The new/old stems that are very weak, delicate and thinner than 24 gauge wire, turns hard and rigid and grow strong in just 2-3 days after I apply the method. It’s like when you bend, the area heals and becomes knotted and strong. It’s the same concept and I do this pinch every 3-5 inches to pretty much entire stem.


@THCCBD She is looking very good. Keep up the good work. :+1::+1::+1:

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It looks like you’ve got excellent start thanks for the tag will watching to see your grow also if I haven’t told you already welcome to the forum


Update: Photo taken on 11/23/2019

So far, my experiment project is going really well. :smiley: But I know it’s only the beginning. I am planning on keeping this in veggie at least another 2 weeks and maybe longer. Just a short time (about a month when I start the HST) and comparing the 2 photos, it doesn’t even look like the same plant.


Where can I get a read about the chiropractic training?


I post link above. That is where I learned to do it.


I was having trouble getting that to come up I need to update my utube thank you I love learning new stuff


Me too! But I have to warn you… This chiropractic training is very addictive. It’s like popping the air from the bubble pack. I can’t stop! :rofl:


I super cropped and was very happy the way they grew when tied to bucket and bent. You’re right it scared me to do 1st bend then I loved it


Filling out nicely!

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It’s fun to do the experiment, especially the project is going good. I need to do this right since I am in need of RSO as much as I can for my husband. But our state only allowed 5 plants, indoor only. And growing 5 plants in the tent with all other equipment leaves me very little room, so even watering the plants gets difficult sometimes. So, I do a lots of DIY stuff to make things to fit for my need. Like making scrog, I can’t use the net because I have to move the pots sometimes. So, I make my own scrog, so I can use it over the individual plant. It sits on support stick that I made, so it is all removable once I am done and it is flat, I can store it easily until the next cycle.

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Thanks! Yes, so far, it exceed my expectation. But as I mentioned, it is only 1/2 way into the experiment. I know a lot can go wrong still. Nutrition, bugs like fungus gnats… I learn from my past experience that less nutrition, not over watering is the best practice, so I hope I won’t kill this by over feeding. I will do my best to keep eye on this.

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Im starting an indoor grow and I’m going to try keeping my soil at a constant moisture rate so there are no ups and downs. I’m looking at Blumat watering system.

If not I might just fine mist the top of the soil daily with a bug sprayer.

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It’s funny that you mentioned about the watering system. Because I just finished my notes and create a document for my reference. DIY for a similar subject. I don’t know if this is something can help you or other members here. But, here it is. Attached image shows 2 different ways to make this pot.