My grow journal day 2


!st day in the sun and my grow area that I am revamping. :woman_farmer:t4:


Yay! Space Terror!


Wish i could do an outdoor grow


Wow am I jealous of all that space. The weather too. I forget not everyone gets dumped on.


Wow!! Now that is a proper out door space saweeeet!


@muffybunny lol no we don’t get ‘dumped’ on but we have our seasonal changes Hot, Hotter, hottest and the melting point! :woman_farmer:t4:


I’m up north of you on the coast north of Santa Barbara. The climate here is usually pretty mild but for humidity being high. We usually see upper 80’s as a high. Mostly though we are mid 60’s.


@Growit When I first bought the house the yard was a swimming pool with no garden space, I had the pool imploded (it was old 1967) and filled it. I then started hauling in dirt and horse manure from where I boarded my horse and eventually after many years of moving things around I now have this fine space. I am slow and methodically getting it level (I am in a w/c) and now to lay some bricks down to put my ‘benches’ on (cinder blocks and 2x4s) and my new little green house comes today. It’s just a regular backyard, I have 3 pine trees, an orange tree, a meyer lemon tree, a lime tree, a 5 way (grafted) apple tree, an apricot tree, a little peach tree and an olive tree. My mom gave me one of those little live Christmas trees and I planted it when I first moved in, it is now 60-70 ft tall. The downside is the ‘dirt’ is all decomposed granite and after a while it is like cement. :woman_farmer:t4: