My grow isnt finished and im already thinking what should i do next grow what can i change

G’day guys and gals im sitting here stoned out of my head thinking about my new grow and watch lobster men on tv and ive had a few ideas about pot sizes whether to go to a seven gallon fabric pot or a ten gallon cause im thinking about doing one huge auto or a photoperiod plant it will be all organic as normal or do i go smaller pots and see what sort of plant i can get from a three gallon fabric pot to see if i end up with the big colas again like this grow or will the bud size be different due to the pot size or do i just so two autos in five gallon pots again .Then i started to think about the seeds i want to run i have quite a few seeds specially in autos now the seeds ive been thinking of doing is Gorilla glue auto and a lemon CBD auto and these arent dark wizard genetics ,i dont know whos genetics these are it doesnt say on the bags or i was going to pick from all of these now i have gorilla glue auto, blackberry gum auto, zkittlez auto, lemon CBD auto, also purple lemonade auto, critical purple auto, gelato auto, critical plus auto, white widow auto,kush xl auto, moby dick auto,ak-47auto,girl scout cookies auto,cheese auto thats all my auto seeds and this is my photoperiod seeds blue widow fem , northern lights fem,bubba Kush fem power bud fem, and thats my photo seeds have a look at the seed list and let me know what u think .The reason why i was thinking GGA and lemon CBD auto is for pain with the GGA having high THC levels and the lemon having high CBD i was thinking about making oil from both and mixing some of each together to make a good oil for pain

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Hey @Aussie_autos have you checked your roots after harvest to see how much mass they have? Dose s larger pot size seem to be needed? Are your plants root bound?
Since autos usually finish within a growth spans that warrants more space for roots?
Now check your autos, do they need more space for roots?
Since photos can generally veg for as long as you want they would seem to need more root space.

My roots go from top to bottom and side to side it fills the five gallon fabric pot im using now

How thick is that stem in the first pic

Put the plant in the 7 gallon pot , and half filled the 10 gallon with good soil and sit the 7 gallon on top of the soil in the 10 gallon and back filled it with dirt until the 10 gallon is full like a fountain and the roots will grow through the 7 gallon into the 10 gallon for a much bigger plant.

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