My grow in South Florida

Here is what I am doing now. I germinated my seeds on 6/5 moved to paper towels on 6/6 planted seeds that popped in to small cups with coco coir and perlite. First one sprouted on 6/10 and seven more sprouted on 6/11. I am doing a hydroponic setup outdoors using General Hydroponics MaxiGrow for veg and will use MaxiBloom later. I just transplanted to 2 and 3 gallon pots yesterday and today, but I only have seven pots so I think I will give away the one that I haven’t transplanted. I had one seed that was from some Master Kush that I bought from my guy and the other seeds came from California, from my buddy that lives there, where they have had medical for a long time and now they have recreational so I think I have some pretty good genetics. All of my plants are in a small greenhouse and I plan to build a larger greenhouse for them to finish.
Happy Growing Everybody!!!


Looking nice. :eyes: I’m watching!

Good luck on your grow your off to a good start

Looking good…I’m a Florida boy too…how are you going to combat the Florida heat ?

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I did it last year and I think because I am growing hydroponic and feed four times a day, they don’t seem to mind the heat. Here is picture of what I did last year. I am doing the same as last year, but a few more plants.


Im a Florida boy too. Hell yeah guys. More heat = less nutes becuz they will drink more.

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@Kcdaniels Indoors with ac works for me.

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Here is what is left, I had 4 male plants I had to get rid of. I gave up on the greenhouse a storm came through and blew it to pieces.

Well I harvested on Sept 11 and 12. I ran out of fertilizer on Sept 6 and went to flush for five days. After drying plant #1 was 189 grams, plant #2 was 239g, plant #3 was 135g and plant #4 was 150g, for a total of 713 grams. Her are some pictures from before the harvest. Plant #1 is on the right in the rear, plant #2 is in the front left, plant #3 isleft rear and plant #4 is right front.

Plant #2
Plant #4
Plant #1
Plant #3

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Next time wait a few more weeks because you could of got a lot more out of those there was still plenty of time for them to fatten up but nice harvest

I wish I could have waited, but with a budget home grow, mistakes happen and you do the best you can with what you have to work with.

I live in south Florida too, My friend just sprung it on me two plants, I’ve always grown outside but the weather is not favorable right now there about 4 to 5 nodes high And I don’t know what to do help I’ve never grown inside with lights I just want to keep them alive long enough to the weather permits me to bring them back outside please help if you can