My grow in South Florida

Here is what I am doing now. I germinated my seeds on 6/5 moved to paper towels on 6/6 planted seeds that popped in to small cups with coco coir and perlite. First one sprouted on 6/10 and seven more sprouted on 6/11. I am doing a hydroponic setup outdoors using General Hydroponics MaxiGrow for veg and will use MaxiBloom later. I just transplanted to 2 and 3 gallon pots yesterday and today, but I only have seven pots so I think I will give away the one that I haven’t transplanted. I had one seed that was from some Master Kush that I bought from my guy and the other seeds came from California, from my buddy that lives there, where they have had medical for a long time and now they have recreational so I think I have some pretty good genetics. All of my plants are in a small greenhouse and I plan to build a larger greenhouse for them to finish.
Happy Growing Everybody!!!


Looking nice. :eyes: I’m watching!

Good luck on your grow your off to a good start

Looking good…I’m a Florida boy too…how are you going to combat the Florida heat ?

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I did it last year and I think because I am growing hydroponic and feed four times a day, they don’t seem to mind the heat. Here is picture of what I did last year. I am doing the same as last year, but a few more plants.


Im a Florida boy too. Hell yeah guys. More heat = less nutes becuz they will drink more.

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@Kcdaniels Indoors with ac works for me.

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Here is what is left, I had 4 male plants I had to get rid of. I gave up on the greenhouse a storm came through and blew it to pieces.

Well I harvested on Sept 11 and 12. I ran out of fertilizer on Sept 6 and went to flush for five days. After drying plant #1 was 189 grams, plant #2 was 239g, plant #3 was 135g and plant #4 was 150g, for a total of 713 grams. Her are some pictures from before the harvest. Plant #1 is on the right in the rear, plant #2 is in the front left, plant #3 isleft rear and plant #4 is right front.

Plant #2
Plant #4
Plant #1
Plant #3

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Next time wait a few more weeks because you could of got a lot more out of those there was still plenty of time for them to fatten up but nice harvest

I wish I could have waited, but with a budget home grow, mistakes happen and you do the best you can with what you have to work with.

I live in south Florida too, My friend just sprung it on me two plants, I’ve always grown outside but the weather is not favorable right now there about 4 to 5 nodes high And I don’t know what to do help I’ve never grown inside with lights I just want to keep them alive long enough to the weather permits me to bring them back outside please help if you can


Sorry it took so long to reply but I haven’t been on here in a while since the outdoor growing season is over. You need to setup an indoor grow if you want to keep those two alive. Best advice I can give is get the best light you can afford. If budget is a problem you can use fluorescent lights and that will keep them alive. Set your lights to be on for 16-18 hours per day to prevent flowering. Other than what I just said I wish you luck.
If you have any other questions let me know.