My grow has turned Hermie

My outdoor grow should be getting tasty buds about now…BUT
Pretty gutted, we have had a week of rain, now its stopped raining. I have noticed seeds forming and over 2 days its really bad on some but not all.
I have 4 all showing signs of balls.
One plant doesnt seem as bad as others,
Im not sure what to do now.
Do I just let them grow out and make use of what I get?

  • the last 2 are from the plant that doesnt look as bad
    seeds were from a unknown source.

Ive learnt my lesson, I will buy some auto flower seeds for next grow…
Pics enclosed


EDIT… first 2 pics are the better buds…

EDIT… sorry pics are not in order, Im sure you can work it out,

Do you have any plants not showing hermie qualities?? If so get rid of the hermies before they flower and ruin the rest of your crop.

Or u can use the hermies for seeds next year

I too have gone thru that rain and am battling bud rot… Not the joys of outdoor growing :relaxed: :pensive:

If you use them you will very likely have more hermies as the genetics will carry on in those seeds.

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This is just another example of why I’ll stick to buying Feminized Photoperiod seeds.
Not bag seed or auto flowering beans, with ILGM photoperiod feminized seeds I’ve yet
to be steered wrong or wasted weeks growing a male plant.

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Unfortunately all have turned, one of the seedings I gave to a friend his also turned, must have been bad genes… :frowning_face:

Lesson learned. I will be making a purchase… We are at the end of the season here, so Im thinking auto flowers to try and get a crop over winter, our winters are very mild, very rare to get frost …

Im waiting on my 1st order of heavy hitters mix pack of photos. Got an email saying shipping was delayed due to covid after the 5 business days they say it takes to ship