My grow after disaster!

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I thought i would share my little Autoflower grow

Plant 1: Suffered from 4-5 weeks without any nutes, and almost completely died (all fan leafs etc)
Plant 2: Ran 2-3 weeks without nutes, lucky for me this was still in the veg fase

Amazingly enough the plants both managed to actually recover, and the amazing toughness of this plant is just wow. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and the new baby on the way :slight_smile:


That bottom picture of the young plant really caught my eye. You guys that run thermostats that show celcius really trip a stoned country boy out lolโ€ฆnice plants


Great job bringing them back!

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Anything wrong?

I live in Europe so thats normal for us :wink:

Added some of the trichomes on the mature plant, just hard focus on them with my cam? :frowning:


Fixed the photo to take trichomes


Yes. Theyโ€™re in your tent, not mine! Good work! :+1:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Kinda amazing how it got that big with no nutes, thats fists of tops :smiley:

last week running now, no nutes again so lets see :slight_smile:

Little update

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Nothing little in that picture.

Ahh little small, plant 2 missing nutes 2-3 weeks of VEG time, is really outgrowing it by miles atm, i water with little runoff everyday atm, next day bone dry :smiley:

Little more attached

The big plant is fat lol. How long u thinking?