My Grow 2020 Northeast growers 2

@Dagao22 @Covertgrower @STC_Cultivator @SKORPION so I just started flushing this one I think it’s good to go after 2 weeks of flushing what do y’all think thanks for the input


Pics of the others

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@TokerGuy @HornHead


They look good. I say take your time. Didn’t see any amber yet on the closeups but lots of good milky trichomes. A couple of the last pics look like they are still packing on weight on the lower buds. I like mine over 30 percent amber. So I would wait another couple weeks like you said above if going by the closeup shots of the trichomes. They look close though. Congratulations!!!


Thank you I appreciate it the first 5 pics before the second set is one plant and it should be just about done the other pics are of 3 other plants, that still got a while to go thank for the advice buddy