My Green crack is getting ready


She is 8 weeks . And waiting for 10 or 11 weeks

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Looks nice, can we get some pictures with normal light? If it’s possible to truly admire.

(I usually turn my lights off and just use flash, works great shows all the shiny stuff!)
I have a seed of it but haven’t grown it yet…

It’s mostly sativa so it’s a longer flowering time I’m Intrested to see what week it’s actually finished.

What lights are you growing it under


Beautiful looking plant Sir, good luck w the harvest :wink:

Two 600 watts HPS . And I will get more pic later with the lights off

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Nice @Interlu I’m also growing green crack currently in week 5 of flower. I’m very curious about this strain. I’ve read that if you love coffee you’re going to love this strain.

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Wow nice and frosty!
She’s starting to get some tricombs changing, starting to get cloudy and random Amber tips. Keep a close eye on her she’s a beautiful plant would love to smoke some with the girlfriend as she loves Coffee (to bitter for me haha)

I do drink coffee with my green crack in the morning.

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It’s a 60satica 40 indica so I’d say not to heavy on the sativa side. I believe it’s only a 60 day flowering strain so I’d go 11 weeks from flip before harvest which is pretty short

Looking good I’ve grown green crack twice love the strain good get stuff done high


Yelp 11 weeks is what I’m going for if I can and thanks

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Boom… Looking great

I love the way is looking. :grin::grin:


Out of likes but looks great!

Looks like the flush is almost done and that thing swelled up nicely

One more week then I will start the flush. She only 8 weeks old in flowering . I’m going for 10 or 11 weeks. I hope :+1:t3::nerd_face::nerd_face:

Your leafs are yellow and looking not the greatest… Have you been watching your run off what’s your environmental conditions and your feeding like

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If u plan on going 3 more weeks she gonna need to eat. R u in soil? Dont flush to early because she could still swell more

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Run off is 6.5 ph but she got a hot a/c :persevere: but got repaired.

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