My Gold Leaf was raped

Ok trying to figure out how she is full of seeds. My yard is a half-acre I also know there are no male plants on the neighboring yards. Should I harvest before the seeds get bigger? All plants are fem we all order to same seeds

Did you pull one off to confirm it’s a seed and not a swollen calyx?


Pollen can travel a 1/4 mile or more depending on wind conditions. You sure she didn’t herm on you?

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I agree with verifying they are actually seeds. If you do, then your plant either went hermaphrodite or it was naturally pollinated. Look for open pollen sacks to determine which.

The evil male plants were found a jungle grow two 5 foot tall males almost 300 yards away and over 150 foot higher than my plants. The plants were cut down and placed in a bag and left if the grower wants them .


Sorry that happened to ya. Some people just want to watch the world burn.


Jeeezzzzz, guys ruin everything