My girls have seeds " HELP "

Checked my girls this morning and discovered seeds growing in many of my buds. Three of four plants seem to be affected. What do I do now ? Is this the tragic end of my first grow ?

I know, crappie pics, but those are seed pods growing on the top of bud. I don’t know why I didn’t see them sooner. They are so close to harvest, this really sucks !!!

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If you are close to harvest you have 2 choices… cut then now or let them grow and finish and have seeds


Are there actual seeds inside the hull? Ive had the girls produce the outside hull before without seeds.

Yes def seeds , chopping this morning !!!

Must have had a hermie in the group. Its hard to find them if you have a room full of buds, it could have been the smallest pollen sac. On the plus side, you have a bunch of seeds.

If that plant has seeds, something happened to stress it into her. I can see it’s definitely a female that probably got overstressed. I found out the hard way on my first 2 grows that you better not have light leaks or accidentally leave a room light on or you’ll get seeds. I sometimes have to go into the flower room to get something when the lights are out. I make sure the lights outside the room are out and only use a flashlight. I also get in and out fast. You might want to stand inside your grow area at lights out and look for light leaks. I caused 2 plants to go Hermie on my second grow because I didn’t realize the ducting to the veg room was leaking light into the flower room.

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I think that I stressed them about a week ago when I cut the scrog net free. How long does it take for them to start forming seeds ? Oh well, I chopped them today. Spent most of the day trimming buds, a lot of popcorn, a few seeds but not as bad as it could have been. Hard to say exactly what my yield is, but it’s about half buds and half popcorn, and a lunch bag full of sweet leaves, and trim. My buddy says it’s at least 3 oz’s but I’m thinking more like two. :slight_smile: I would send a pick but I’m to tired , tomorrow .