My Girls first time grower

Hello ya all . So those are my girls! They live outside now . I rescued them from an indoor grower that discarded them because of PM in his grow room . I got the girls when they were 3ft tall and they had cloned them numerous times .
I nursed them girls and got rid of the PM . Now my question … I have them now for a little over 5 weeks and they are all flowering big time. Am I on the right track ? I’m first time outdoor grower . We are end of June and I live in beautiful BC in Canada .


I am feeding them the the Flora Series . ! I even keep a calendar. :joy:image|375x500

Nice plants are they auto flower?

No they are not . The strain is Space Cookie . They are 3 Mommas .

These are my girls after 13/14weeks old. Grown seeds from a bag of smoke I brought years ago so I thought I’d give them ago go see how they go. Not to bad in my opinion.
What do you guys thinks? New grower here


They look good, but watch out for males. You need to keep a close eye on them

Thanks. Yeah I’ve been checking and they all have white or brown hair and no balls so looking good so far

I’m doing a natural grow apart from the greenhouse obviously lol.
Ph water at 6.8 to 7.0
Watered for 4 weeks with no added fertilizer just what’s in the soil. Going to add tomato fertilizer next water (no income atm due to covid19, Got to use what I have) They get sunlight all day from 8am till 10pm mostly atm due to it being summer here now.
They go outside if the greenhouse temp goes to 30c or above.
Outside temp is average 23c atm.
I also prune any leaves covering budsites or if leaves are damaged.

Can anyone tell me why all the new growth areas have gone really light green? Do I need to worry or not?

Do they get full sun or shaded? If they are full sun prob nut def and need a bigger home. They look nice for 3 months old. What size pot now? I saw your post from earlier my bad get a bigger pot and get some new pot and soil so they want to reach the new food. If your on a budget get happy frog or ocean floor. Keep it no added nutrients.

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I can put them in shade if I think they are to hot so not all sun all day everyday just most, if the suns out and it’s not raining. Thanks I did think they looked good but I’m no expert as my first ever grow. My pots are fabric 20L. Ideally I wanted to keep them in these pots for the rest of grow but wont that be visible? I watered last night with 1ltr of water ph level 7 with about 2ml tomato fertilizer, nothing has seemed to change this morning. I’ll get some pics when I able today

How they look this morning!


Young leaves .

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I think young leaves and you can’t get enough sunlight, the more the better. Cover your pots with a light colored fabric as to shade them and not cook the roots

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Thanks, I’ve had them in the sun all day today but had to stay in the greenhouse with a fan blowing on them to keep them cool. To windy outside, plus we had a storm so glad they weren’t outside. Ok I’ll get them covered with something light coloured tomorrow. Thanks again for the advice and comments much appreciated.
I’ll post pics when I can to show thier progress or problems if they arise.

I have mine outside in the ground in the woods

One more thing, the windy days makes them stronger and thicker stalks. Yesterday we had a storm that you couldn’t see 20 ft and the plants were fine. I have them tied to stakes with silk to help support them through the high winds. It’s brutal out there sometimes but they can survive

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They look really good.
Maybe I’ll start leaving them out in the wind a bit more then

The first pic is a little deceiving. There are 3 plants there, the one in the back left is the second pic. But there growing like weeds here in Pennsylvania

@Petra Your plants look fantastic and very healthy. You should be very happy with your green thumb.
As I was responding on this thread I didn’t realize I wasn’t talking with you until I went back and reread it. Sorry for the hijack on your thread