My girls blew up


Hello, I’m new to this forum, Iv’e been reading a lot of posts and have been learning quite a bit, For that I say THANK YOU! I posted a couple weeks ago some pics of my girls they were 13 inches and 9 inches. I cut the bottom 2 branches and the bottom fan leaves. Since then I changed a couple things up, made a recirculating system for my 5 gallon buckets and am paying closer attention to water temps. Started pre-flowering 6/6 and full flowering on sunday. Right now my girls are about 30 inches and 25 inches. As you can see there are no buds yet. Im growing critical mass grown from ILGM seeds. My understanding is they stretch 1-2 hundred percent I only have a maximum of 10 more inches of growth.


The branches are still pliable now. Use lst for your height problem.


Welcome to the forum!!! As previously mentioned it’s not too late to LST them! It’s easiest to start as early as possible to prevent you from running into “I’m out of space now what!?!” I’m currently growing my Cheese Auto with nothing but some lite LST and She’s growing beautiful. Tame those branches :sunglasses: Happy growing!


FNG101v2 The picture on the link shows starting from about the center of the plant getting pulled down, is that what LST is? I know I still have some room left and will run out of space but starting the process of flowering at 9 inches, well I didnt think they would grow this quick not after it took 4 weeks just to get to the 9 or 13 inches


You can LST any and all parts of the plant. Main stem, beaches, any thing and everything. It’s simply tying off the plant to something stationary so they can’t continue to grow vertical. Instead you can make them grow horizontal


Thanks, Iv’e been growing for a couple of years but after reading the way people are doing it here I figured out it could be done a lot better with more yield.


What you typically want to do with LST is tie the top of the plant down, giving the secondary branches below the top time to grow up even with the top of the plant. And create an even canopy.