My girls are telling me something and I cant understand


Northern lights ( fem ) indoor. MG release soil, 600w HPS , ph is OK … 4 months old and turned them on a 12/12 schedule 4 weeks ago… They are acting like they are burning… The light is almost 15 inches away from the tops… While the top leaves are fine, the lower leaves are falling off. The water schedule is good, not watering till my knuckle is dry. The time release granules are gone. ( releases up to 3 months ) … Again , the top leaves are good and fan leaves are falling off … Does this mean they are ready to harvest when all the leaves are falling off ???


It is a sign of maturity when the big fan leaves die towards the end of the plant’s life cycle. It could be that she’s ready to come down…but it’s hard to say because I just want to blame the miracle gro for your problems.


I know,I know , I was on a budget and it was actually better than the crap that was all bark and styrofoam …I looked at the pistils and they arent even turning dark. It looks like just the fan leaves falling off and the sugar leaves are nice and green…


Take a sample from towards the top and check for trichromes color. You want cloudy/milky trich heads. If you see amber, that means thc is already breaking down into a more couch-locking CBD & CBN cannabinoids (which are more of sedatives).

What is the ph of soil/water? You might think about pulling what you have.


I dont have a ph tester… I took them outside and my oldest was 60 - 70 % dark … The others are about 20 % dark … I couldnt tell because of the lighting system …Looking at them outside , the others have maybe a week till harvest. I guess i need to flush them … Im still a dumbass newbie … lol … Considering I almost killed her in the sprouting stage and she came back … The end weight was maybe 3/4 oz. I am happy with my first plant … lol


Yep, looking at the last pic I would say you’re right got about a week maybe 2 left. Flush time!:sunglasses:

Don’t let it get to ya brother, it’s not the easiest plant to grow and we’ve all killed young & old ones. You’re definitely not a dumbass, just learning…And there’s lots to know! Get yourself ph & soil testers and get away from MG asap! Do you know what your water quality is?

Good job on your first grow!:clap:


Pretty much basic well water on a regular filter system . Salt and carbon filters …


First: 4 weeks into flower means you have another 6 weeks or so to go. White pistils mean active flower growth. You are experiencing a combination between a flowering plant changing, along with pretty severe nutrient burn. The fact you don’t have a PH meter leads me to believe you have a problem.

This plant needs a flush and see what the TDS is on the runoff. It will be high. Then she needs to be watered with correctly PH’d water and or nutes. If you are fertilizing now, stop.


Oops, I thought it was an auto… @Myfriendis410 is right, you still have plenty of time before harvest.

I take it you’re not giving any other nutrients other than what’s in that soil? If they look like they’re burning, it’s either from nutes or light.


I have never added ANY nutes … EVER , The MG is the auto , dissolve nutes added in the soil … It say good UP to 3 months … They are about 5 months now… Pretty sure none of the nutes are left …


I would obviously try to salvage what I can…nothing you can really do about the burn.

Stick to ph’d water from now on.


These are the other 3 … Just like 2 weeks younger … I flushed them already and figured they will be ready in a week or so … ?? Whats the general consensuses on when they will be ready ???


All I see are white hairs, so if the first one still has approx. 6 weeks left, then these are even further out. Are they the same strain? You said these are 4 months old?


They are a bit over 4 months… I didnt keep a record … Again , never grew before these … The one I just clipped, was probally 2 weeks older than these … Northern.Lights. Fem


Thoughts @Myfriendis410?


It looks like you are about 3 or 4 weeks into flower. A good average flowering time is around 65 days from first pistils (one of the really good reasons to keep a journal). You have a lot of time to go yet: 4 to 6 weeks. This is important as the potency goes up (more THC produced) and the flowers bulk incredibly in the last few weeks.

PH. PH. PH. lol

If these are in the same soil (MG) then a flush is in order and possibly blooming nutes if the plant starts to look hungry.

The reason I harp on PH is that it will be different every time you water or feed and sometimes you will lock out nutrients and sometimes you will make them available and when you do then the plants are gonna be in for nute burn. The more nominal the environmental conditions you can give them the better your yield.


Also, if the ph isn’t right at 6.2-6.5, the nutrient lockout will stunt or slow the growth of the plant, and I think - depending on how long you vegged them for - you might have some of that going on if these are going on 5 months old.


Veg state was slow … Only had helix bulbs back then, Probably a good 2 months worth before I got the 600w HPS and MH bulbs …The MG company said all their mixes are 6.2 … I never before now would have thought there was so much science for pot… Back in the day there was only Colombian Gold and regs … Threw a seed in the ground and watered it , lol


Don’t forget the Mexican dirt weed😂


Never heard it called that , Normally it was regs, pretty good regs , or SWEET regs … lol …It was all just basic green buds … Ahhh cant forget when we were poor and had to buy Homegrown … Had to roll a joint as big as your thumb to get stoned on that shit ,