My girls are dropping & growing tall

I’ve got 2 girls growing tall, and 1 is sagging. Could someone assist with a solution or assist with next steps to fix??

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They are not getting enough light. What plants do is stretch and grow excessively tall looking for more light. What are you using to light them?

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I’m using a very cheap light I put under my cabinets. Its not enough I believe so I’m gonna put these’s girls out in the sun for a bit & see if they perk up.

Thanks for sure this will help me a ton. Thought I was doing something wrong.

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Be sure to transplant them up to their neck when you put them outside so you have stable plants.

So transplant now? Here are my other 3. Should I just transplant all of them to 5gal or 3gal?
I’m gonna be using AC Infinity fabric bags.

If I do transplant What should I do about watering them? Full till runoff?

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No. Seedlings cannot stand a lot of water. They only need a few ml of water per day at this point.

I would put them in 5 gal or larger if they are outdoor plants.

You can transplant them now; however, they will continue growing excessively tall. Your best solution is to provide them with more light. You don’t need anything fancy if they are going outdoors. I can’t see how many plants you are dealing with, but a few hundred watts of T5 bulbs will be fine if they are going outdoors within the next few weeks. Cannabis is an extremely light hungry plant and they will continue to under-perform unless given adequate lighting.


If you can elevate the pots so the plants are just a few inches from the lights you might get by.

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Warm those babies up too. They should be around 80°f.


So the one that was drooping is still not perking up.

I put them closer to my light “Which is for regular garden plants”. Its not an actual grow light for these type of plants.

Question here would be: Should I transplant to 5gal pot before night cycle, and introduce to sun tomorrow in the shade?

Don’t want to loss her.

She us getting worse. =(

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My climate is very hot mid day with uigh humidity. Can get up to 100+.

Any ideas

If they’re photos, I’d put them in a 1 gallon bag and bury close to the cotes. 100° is pretty brutal for little ones, maybe take them out for the first few hours, for a week or two, then try leaving them. Kind of harden them up a little to the outside environment.

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Well transplant didn’t go well. Top 4 leaves feel off, but root & stem still in tack. Would this still live if the stem broke below 4 top leaves?

I’m gonna leave her in 1gal pot, and put her in the shade tomorrow and cross my fingers.

Also I found my problem. Wife turned light down to 25%… BLAH

I should be fine now. Fingers crossed

If it’s a stem with no leaves, I don’t know if it has anything left to grow - I’m honestly not sure.

Report back - I’m curious.

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Will do

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