My girl is dying?!

Hi all. My girl was going great until stupidly I moved it from point A to point B (2 meters) but I grabbed it by the stem not the pot and I think I must have ripped some roots as the last week it’s been slowing dying

Is there anything I can do? Still got about 2 weeks left?


Sorry bro. Doesn’t look there’s any saving her.:v:


Ive had smaller plants look stressed out like that and made a recover from transplanting I think it recovered in 48 hours.

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With landscape nursery plants, if the roots are pruned or damaged, the plant is trimmed back to get things back in proportion. I don’t know if that would be an option for you. I would want further council b4 doing any thing drastic.

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Any other experts have thoughts on either
A= She’s gone?
B= transplant into another pot?
C= Transplant into the ground?
D= Leave and trim back leaves?
E= Cut my losses and harvest what’s she’s got?

F= Smoke it


you must have really yanked it the fuck it up that much. Looks like termites, Being in a buck questionable though.

How often do you water? Do you ph the water and what size pot do you have?

She was out in the rain the last few days. Haven’t checked the PH as I put her to sleep (no light for 48 hours) in a tent 24 hours ago. You think maybe it’s a PH? I didn’t even think about that. Is it too late to take her back out again into the sun?

Starting to think it wasn’t the roots…

Was it inside under lights before you took it outside?

Flush it . PH, depends on what you are growing it in.

If you can gentle pull the plant out of the pot and have a look at the roots. Make sure its wet before you try that. Reminds me of termites.

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Just chop the fuckg thing. NO, take all the leaf off a give it a slow deaf. THC will turn to armchair.

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The soil must be soaking wet. Over watering could be your issue as well. I’d let her dry out really good to see if she bounces back. Marijuana plant are near impossible to kill. She probably won’t look as healthy and green as before but you could still get her to harvest.


Depends what you are growing which still havn’t said. So if difficult to help when you don’t have all the info.

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Even though she has been out of the sun for two days?

Was outside and it’s granddaddy purple. It’s been asleep for two days though?

All the leaves are dead after the sleep session. Still able to come back or not you think?