My girl goes limp about 2 hours before bedtime

She’s doing great, getting big and the start of lots of buds in week 2 of flower, but she goes limp every night around hour 16 and I have the lights on 18/6. There is plenty of water on the dirt, and spraying her down doesn’t seem to help so I don’t think it’s dehydration.

Is it normal? What else could be the cause? Is the light too intense? I have a lot of light on the 2 flowering plants, this one is just more advanced.

That’s just the plant calling it a day a few hours early. I run 6on/2off in veg so they never get that worn out look. They’ll be fine though.


Not to steal the OP’s thread but, I’m intrigued by your 6/2 schedule. What differences have you noticed vs say 18/6? And this is for autos, photos or both?


Based on @BobbyDigital ‘s suggestion I’m trying an autoflower grow using 6/2 light schedule and I’ll be the first to admit they are doing great.

I did it in an attempt to limit large temperature swings in my tent. I’m growing in my basement and this time of year the temperature is around 60 degrees. I set the control on my exhaust fan to come on above 75 degrees and goes off the two hours the lights go off and temperature drops below 75.


Merlin told me about it he uses it for photos then put them 12/12 for flower im gonna experiment and do 6/2 seed to harvest for my next autos. The thinking is the mini breaks lets co2 Levels get back up and allow for quicker bursts of growth rather then like the OP lets them work until weary and it is better for temp control

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This is for autos or photos. I don’t know that there’s any real growth rate difference but it works great for keeping temps and humidity in a smaller window. It also stops droop you get after blasting the plant with light for 18 straight hours that the OP is experiencing. They’re still getting 18hrs but getting a break every 6hrs.

Are they autos?