My GG4 buds are long and dont get thick

i dont know why, but my Gorilla Glue #4 plant develops long buds, that don’t really get thick as I’d like them too. Is there anything I’m doing from? Or do I even need to worry about it?

Could just be genetics. Really if you feel she is healthy and not exhibiting any other issues then it probably is just the way she has decided to grow. If possible put up some pics of your other plants and a pic of entire plant that you are concerned about. Could be as simple as that bud isn’t getting as much light as the others.

could be several factors. ph, soil type, root bound, nute imbalance
but, something not so good happening

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I see lots of pistils that are white still. She’ll bulk up a bit eventually.


Seems like the ILGM GG#4 really wants a lot of light

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Your light may be insufficient, what light are you using?

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I’m growing outside. I cover it so that it gets 12hours of light max.
I’ll send a pic of the whole plant.

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Since she’s throwing out single leaves… I wonder what’s making her unhappy

How are you “covering” the plant?
Is it 100% light proof during the dark period, and are you keeping the schedule exactly the same every day?

this is what she looks like now. I think this is due to an inconsistent light schedule. The plant seems to keep producing stems instead of growing fat buds. Is it just important to give her 12 hours of darkness or do the 12 hours of darkness need to be in the same timerange every day?

It needs to be consistent. The same 12 light and dark everyday.