My GG is getting VERY loud

So my tent is set up in the guest room. We’re still a few weeks out from flowering stage and she’s already making the room VERY pungent. Wouldn’t be a problem otherwise but it’s the room my mother in law stays in once a month LOL

What setup do y’all recommend for a newb? Tomorrow I’ll move it into it’s permanent spot in our closet but that closer to the bigger return air vent in our house so I still have to fix the issue. GG4 is sitting by herself with a few orchids in a 2x4x5.

Please and ty :blush:


Welcome , You can use A tent with exhaust fan an Carbon filter. Exhaust outside would be your best bet. Run exhaust fan 24/7 maintain negative pressure in tent will control smell. Just my thought good luck.


Welcome to the community @Never_Legendary like @kellydans said carbon filters for that

Happy growing🤘


@kellydans has this covered, but if possible can you vent outside. Or even run a vent into attic. I’ve seen several people run vent to attic, I run mine to a window and run it outside.


Roflmao. Welcome to my gg clone world. I use a big carbon filter. 8". I use 20 gallon for my gg med plants and loud is an understatement. Is the air return in the big closet? If it is slap a carbon on it along with the primary dust filter. Only other way i can figure is seal the closet and vent to attic with a carbon or use a tent.


Like everyone before, carbon filter and exhaust fan. If you can get a exhaust fan that will move double your cubic footage of area, you can set your carbon filter/exhaust fan setup on the floor of the grow space and just continuously change air out of that particular space. It will reduce the smell by 85-95%.