My GG AF grow @ 42 days

All 3 girls are growing along well. Closet is a little crowded but it’s helping to rotate the 5 gal fabric pots twice a day. Adjusted pots/plant tops so all are 15” from Kosheal full spectrum 2000W LED grow light 18 hours on, 6 off.
I used 2 different growing mediums. “A Pot For Pot with their Superb Soil” in one pot , and “Natures Living Soil” in the other 2 pots. All 3 pots filled and mixed with Miracle Grow performance organics potting soil.

Flowering started at 40 days and it looks like it’s picking up speed. Watering 3 cups spring water every other day. Got a small window AC for the room and took a dehumidifier, and 1 of 2 fans off line. Temps holding at 80F +/- and humidity at 65-70%. Oder is getting strong so I have a Layond 6” carbon filter exhaust fan on the way. Overall room and closet is 800 CF. EF should give me complete air exchange every 2 minutes. Self burping cure jars are ready too. No pests, no rots or molds detected or observed. Planning to harvest about 8/1, and start enjoying the buzz by 9/1. If everything goes as planned. All comments or questions are welcome.
I do want to take this time to thank all those who have given advice, y’all are great mentors. If subsequent grows are this good or better I just might never be in need for black market weed again.


Looking good!

Sooo glad I used “Nature’s Living Soil Autoflower Concentrate”. Just water from seed to harvest. “A Pot For Pot Superb Soil is just as good”.
Super easy!