My garden this year


check it out


Pretty sweet looking garden @bud123 whatcha got there?


we got all diff kinds like gold leaf,bubble gum,purple haze. white widow. herclues. calf. dream blueberry, strawberry, godfather, superglue and some of my own stuff. I keep mothers of all of them.


its nice to grow in legal state witch I am just in case


yep, for sure! I’m in MA. Here is how I decorate my picnic table! @bud123


do you grow enough in the summer to last all year or do you grow indoors as well? @bud123


nice table I smoke ALOT hope it will last me


I put a small grow tent in my shed so I can grow three seasons.

Already had electric there so all I have to do is lug the water but that’s not such a big deal @bud123


i feel ya there @bud123
your garden looks great!!
i like the variety!


I grow outdoor garden as wel, yours is gorgeous, great , great job :wink::wink::wink::wink:


thank you I put a lot of time in my plants. ive been growing for 16 years this year and I never get tired of working with my plants. its kinda like a happy place in this screwed up world. all of these country leaders NEED TO SET DOWN AND SMOKE NOT JUST ONE EATHER. LOL THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY HAVE A GREAT GROW DAY


hey check out wheres walldo I just posted it have a awesome day


I had to give up Mary Jane in 1999, however, it helps my wife and a few friends, I just love to grow it and watch it develop :heart:
now that it’s legal to grow…


very nice GOOD JOB


They look amazing :seedling::heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


If you want to build a new indoor I recommend using panda plastic it’s perfect I’m getting ready to redo mine with it if you ever decide to start growing indoor they look absolutely beautiful terrific job my friend


How many plants was that for the 12lb + yield?