My first try, progress report

The first pics are of my WW auto fem planted in rockwool on 8/25. It was under dome for a week. Roots came out of the rockwool and it is now in a beer cup. Tomorrow it gets it’s first nutrients. This girl is 1 5/8 inches tall and is showing a 3rd set of leaves including the seed leaves.

The last pic is her little sister, sprouted 4 days later after soaking in water for 24 hours. Growth pattern seems to be the same but water soaking took a day longer. This one is still under dome for 4 more days.

I am excited to get off to a good start. LOL took advantage of the under counter fluorescent lighting we had installed before I decided on my new hobby. These girls are going outside at 2 weeks and the temps and humidity should be tapering off as we move into fall. Night temps here are well into the upper 60’s till around Christmas.

IMG_0776 Uploading…

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No nutrients until the seed leaves fall off!! Otherwise you’re fine and I like your plan.


Second the none nutes til leaves are yellowing and shrivel at least. Lovely seedlings you have there. She is off to a good start

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Thanks all for your help. I find some conflicting opinions about what to do. I am trying to work through and average the responses. I am going from rockwool to coco for outdoors after 2 weeks. I watered the first seedling with nutes today before these responses came in. I can hold off on that for a while and if nothing bad happens maybe sedling # 2 will get some next week.

Many have said that being in rockwool and then coco the plants need food. They are not in soil with what that provides. I am doing well so far with these 2 girls but am getting conflicting opinions. I appreciate all opinions.

Maybe I should raise these 2 girls differently and see which comes out better. I like that idea.

High humidity and no nutes: the seedling is developing a tap root and can easily be burned. The cotyledons are there to provide nutrients to the emerging plant and it would be actually harmful to feed them unless it’s like 1/10th strength or something. The plant can’t uptake nutrients anyway so it’s a waste of effort. Distilled water sprayed into the dome and maybe a teaspoon or two per day on the media.

Once you have a tap root you can start them on a low strength nutrient regime and build up to full strength. Coco needs to be PH’d to around 5.8. If you don’t have one I highly recommend purchasing a decent digital PH meter and TDS meter as you will be providing all nutrition for your plants. Getting PH right is critical.

You are off to a good start but I’ll say you are going to have trouble averaging people’s responses. I would suggest picking someone and go with it. All of these guys know what they are doing.

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@Myfriendis410 is spot on. There are BILLIONS of opinions. And usually 80% of them grow decent bud. But on the rockwool/coco thing i wasnt exactly as clear as MyFriend. They definitely need everything (nutritional wise) there gonna get from u. 0 in most coco and all rockwool. But the round feeder (cotyledons) are their food to start. Sorry for saying it again. But that was the misconnect. I didnt go detaild enough. Anywho. Love the plan. And enjoy it


I will hold off on the nutes on the second and hold off on more for the first seedling and see how it plays out. I’ll wait for the seed leaves to fall off.



I will do that.