My first try. I've learned that I have a lot to learn

A few months back a buddy and I were smoking out of his bag when he noticed there were a few seeds in it. No idea what strain of weed it is, but it was decent smoke. Anyway I took those 6 seeds and decided to see if I could sprout them --with no real plan to grow anything at that point. But they sprouted regardless, and that started this journey.

I had nothing except a handful of 2 quart plastic pots and a bag of miracle grow soil and after sprouting in a paper towel, in the soil they went. Now there were 6 baby plants. A had a cheap $20 grow light from Lowes and a small closet and that is about it.

Right after putting them in soil, I began overwatering them. Little did I know lol. They spent the first 2-3 weeks of their life barely hanging onto life, and not growing much at all. At that point I began reading and watching vids. So I backed off watering big time, and not long after they began to grow better.

My friend gave me a small grow tent, and once it was set up, I was off to the races…

It went fairly well, mostly considering I havent measured the PH or really have done anything at all except water them when the pots get light. But they still never really took off, and after a couple months, I switched to 12/12 lights to see if they would bud. The only thing I did was top a few of them to experiment. But they were still pretty thin on the stocks and whatnot.

By the time I got to the 2nd week of flower, 3 showed were males and got pulled, and I had a new led grow light and some other gear like a filter and vent fan and my buddy who has grown a few times gave me a net to help spread the stems out at first and now moreso hold them up as they get heavier.

I didnt take pics of them for a while until recently. After 21 days of flower, they were going slow so I did a big time defoliation, hoping I would not kill them. Well, they didnt die. In fact, although the plants are pretty small the buds really have taken off in the last week or two. They are frostin over really good. I have no idea how much bigger these buds will get, but I dont expect much bigger because I figure I did a lot of things wrong along the way…

I’m at day 31 in flower. What should I expect now? Will these buds get much bigger over the next 4 weeks or so? The only nutrients I use are Earth Juice, which were another hand-me-down. I stick with the amount the label says to use.

If I could do it over, I would many things differently. In fact I am going to order some auto seeds from ILGM and make my first effort on growing with good seeds.


as you have noted you learn from your grow what to do and what not to do…each grow gets easier and more relaxing


Welcome to the community. We look forward to seeing your grows take off.


Welcome to the community Growmie. It’s addicting! :love_you_gesture:


Thank you all much. This is truly addicting, I love it. Very excited for my next grow now. I am thinking of getting the Classics Pack of Auto’s from ilgm and having a go at it. I love the old school strains of what we used to call “kind bud” …


Welcome aboard! As long as your light is good, meaning you can give about 150w per plant, or 40w/sqft, they’ll bulk up. To start on a whim your plants look good! Especially for Miracle Gro!


I think you are going thru natural ‘let’s grow some pot’ progressions. Looking good for just a throw some seeds and see what happens kinda deal lol.

Next steps if you want to up yield, get a better light. It is the single most important investment you can make. Look into the new style high efficiency LEDs. Like QBs and Strip builds. A lot around here go for HLG, I built my own back when it was fiscally a no brainer.

Another step is learning the numbers. A nice pH pen (Apera 20 is around $50) and a cheap ppm/tds meter is all u need to get started.

If u plan on staying ‘organicish’ (Earth Juice), I would start looking into ‘living soils’. Microbes are your friend. U feed the soil, the soil feeds the plant. If you want to go affordable, look into Jacks 321. Super affordable and VERY EASY.

Good luck, Happy Growing, and hope you stick around


Thank you guys for the advise. I did pick up an adjustable LED, in fact I now have two of them as of a few days ago but only running one over the 3 plants, plus a small 25w led lowes grow light. They are 600w Fecida, or in other words 65w as far as actual draw. I have it about 15 inches above the plants now along with the smaller light.

I’m sticking around. This stuff is fun. Going to buy seeds for the first time within the next week or so/ Just trying to figure out soil vs coco on my next grow, and first auto grow.


Welcome to the forum @deedoubleyou its a great place to grow.



Welcome to the community. Tons of great advice here.


This forum has a ton of info and I love it. Seriously thank you all for making this place so awesome. When I started this, I didnt even now about grow tents, led grow lights, good soil, trimming, topping, feeding, over or underwatering. It has been a very fun experience to learn as it grows. Little did I know that by the end of the first grow, I would be investing and gearing up for many more grows! Now I am ready to harvest these asap and ty out some better seeds where I know which strain it is lol…


Your introduction to growing is similar to mine. I also germinated some bag seed and got hooked. Your plants had a rough beginning but they are tough. Their structure, thin and lanky, is screaming they needed more light. A lot more light.
I use a 65 watt LED for seedlings and early veg. You will need at least 2x that wattage of quality lighting per plant for good veg growth and for flowering. I go a little beyond that…

For example, this plant was grown under one HLG 260 RSpec light.

one of its buds

As for extreme defoliation this far into flower, I am not a proponent. They need their leaves to fuel growth and bud production.
Autos are hit or miss. Since you have already grown photoperiod plants, I’d go that direction.
In any event, it is great growing anything. Good luck and welcome.


Welcome to the community for totally winging it it looks like your going to get some bud to the finish line l call that a win


This is good advice. As mentioned, MORE LIGHT!


One always needs more light!


Thats kinda easy to figure out. Buffer your coco with Cali magic PH5.8, Flush the pot with water to around 300ppms PH5.8, Mix nutrients to full strength per the feed chart of the nutrients being used PH to 5.8 Dump it in when your run off matches what your putting in the pot is ready for planting. After the plant gets a couple sets of leaves start water ( full strength) every other day for 20-25% run off until harvest. Coco needs to stay wet.


That is a beautiful plant!! Thank you for the input! Sounds like I should have two of the lights I’m using, per plant. More lights will definitely be my next bigger purchase. That same company makes a 130 watt version for not much more, but I’m going to look around at more brands.


Thank you! This is something I will be looking a lot more into. My nephew has some NL auto’s going in coco right now and its unreal how big they are, and how fast they got there. He lives across the country from me but I’ve seen the pictures. Fantastic. I will have some questions though lol


Bro you got this, for a newbie stumbling through, you obviously have the right mindset for cultivation.

I don’t got alot to really add other then outstanding job so far given what you have had to work with :+1:

Oh and one last thing! I’d suggest feminized photo period seeds and not auto flowers…

Nothing realy wrong with autoflowers, but they are not “easier” or better for beginners like sites that sale seeds make it seem.

Autoflowers can get stunted so easily and go into flower when tiny.
Photo periods do not do this, we tell them when to flower when they are the size we want :grin:

Oh, and coco-coir mixed with perlite over soil all day everyday!


I found that adding perlite to coco icreases watering to evey day when in flower.