My first time lol

Hey everyone! Getting ready to start my first grow. Got a 32 x 32 x 63 tent kit off amazon, I know I prolly could’ve done better buying individual pieces but… lol. Got some White Widow, super skunk, and grand daddy purple seeds. Think I’m gonna start with just one plant of WW. Any advice/recommendations?

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You should do at least two maybe three in case one don’t make it. Check out the the guides on here as well they are very informative. Good luck with your grow!!!


Thanks! Maybe I will start with 2 or 3. Just thought starting with 1 on my first learning experience might make it for less “mistakes” lol.

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I get it. But sometimes $(@/ happens so I just figure why not do an extra lol. That’s just me though. Obviously completely up to you

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Thanks! I was thinking the same. Not much time lost if it doesn’t take and I’d rather one large plant than 2 - 3 small plants.
I’m planning on soil in a 5 gallon grow bag. Is there a store bought soul that works well or do I need to “make” my own?

Not really sure what brand light. Here’s some info.

I’ve had it set up and running for a few days now. Temp has been ranging from 79 - 81 F

Have an exhaust and intake fan

Where can I get a QB288V2?

Welcome to the forum and good luck! Tons of experience helpful growers on here so don’t ever be afraid to ask for advice… that’s what we’re here for. We’re all in this together :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Welcome to the forum!

Best of luck with ur grow. Now for my 2 cents…

Yup id start with one plant. First time grower n u want to learn learn learn. Less chances to make a mistake and more opportunity to fine tune changes u wanna make.

The lighting… ah the lighting. Yes u can grow decent (maybe better then decent depending on ur skills) with that light. I wouldnt hold off my grow til u get better. But id definitely look into upgrading before the flowering period. HLG makes bad ass lights! There are a few diy threads were people on this site (with the help of @dbrn32) have bang for your bucked our way to righteous lighting. Definitely wouldnt hurt to scroung around a bit.

Anything else by all means, just ask. Type @theperson’sname like @PurpNGold74 to tag if u need quick help. N good luck and have fun.


Welcome to ILGM! You’re in good hands. Best of luck!


Hi! Just wanted to welcome you! :relaxed: I’m 74 days into my first EVER WWA indoor grow. I found everyone here is really helpful and nice.
I also found reading beginner journals and the free ebooks on the site also helped.
Hope everything goes great! :wave:


Welcome and good luck on your grow. I run a 32x32 and I started with a light like that and have since upgraded to one of the quantum lights. I would suggest going with the QB 120’s in that tent. I built it for around 240.00 and I have wall to wall light with almost ZERO heat. If you decide to go that route, I built my light and would be happy to help you out. I ran 2 plants in it and I still have a good amount of space. Good luck!! And yes Dbrn is a beast when it comes to lights, but don’t sleep on him for overall knowledge, he can and has helped me with EVERYTHING from day one.

This is my 32x32


For soil:
Fox farm ocean forest is available at many stores, so is the fox farm happy frog. I use a mix of both.
A lot of people use pro mix.


I agree. I absolutely love Fox Farm ocean Forest. It’s ready to use and has earthworm castings and bat guano in the soil. It’s great for container gardens and outside pots as well. It’s also great for starting seedlings in and will continue to offer fertilization to your plants for at least a month without having to add any fertilizers Etc. I swear by and love this soil


I find that some seedlings aren’t too happy in the ffof. I use a seedling specific soil in my first container, and wait until the first transplant to add nutrient rich soil.


I agree. My first grow was stunted badly, starting in Ocean Forrest. It’s great to transplant into, though. Happy Frog is gentler for seedlings, but plants growing in it do need fed sooner. I successfully started a bunch of seeds in Happy Frog though.


That plant is a monster! You said you but your light? Do you have a thread with more info on it?

There are a couple DIY light build threads and DB is our resident light dr if led is how u wanna go. Typically sourcing parts comes out to $1-$1.50 per watt. But the proof is in the nuggets right?

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Here was my first build