My first time growing

Will that hurt my other autos I only have one tent

@VeneO Put it in a closet and tape up the cracks. Or, anywhere you can to get it 36 hours. If you have nothing but autos in your tent, you can just try flipping the lights to 12/12. If you are running all autos, and nothing but in the same tent, then you should be 1/2/12 anyway. It may also be a male.

I have them in Promix organic.

Here is the Amnesia Haze this morning

And then the blueberry auto fRom last night to ththis morning

Also I have a spare room with a huge closet to grow in I’m doing seedlings in the closet and my grow tents for veg and flower in the room. I’m also building a hanging rack with a trimming area and counter space. I definitely feel like a helicopter parents with the girls immin checking on them 3 times a day lol checking heat lights growth or just sitting in there talking to them :woman_facepalming: pretty sure I’m losing it and loving it lol


@Gillstergirl Looking good so far!

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Thanks! I do have a question. How important is putting a dome over seedlings? I didn’t do it with my amnesia haze and she’s been doing great. Should I do it with the bba or stick with tried and true?

@Gillstergirl IMO, not necessary but it does help them get a better start with developing roots and keeping them in a more humid environment. Never hurts to do it.


Yes. And here’s why… While roots are starting to develop there is a very limited amount of water that can take in, and you babies will compensate by absorbing the moisture via the leaves. So early on, the dome will heap a lot. I also usually mist both the plants and the inside of the dome a couple times a day just to make sure they stay humid.


its a female

I have just decided to let it grow. When i harvest the other two i will try to flip it this will be fun lol

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@RockClarke Thank you i figured out how to tag you

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I’d read that since it doesn’t matter about light exposure for autos to flower and do their thing that you should run 18/6 through the entire grow in order to get the densest nugs? Which actually makes sense to me since light timing means noting to an auto.

I’m doing all photos now but will be running an auto or two in a separate tent in a few weeks so I’m collecting up info now. :smiley:

edited for atrocious spelling errors - I’m so tired! LOL!

So update! Amnesia Haze is looking great (to the best of my knowledge lol)

Blueberry is chugging right along

And for giggles I started a Northern Lights
She’s just now coming out of her helmet


Are you feeding the top one yet? Color looks like a lack of Nitrogen. Might just be the flash or photo. Otherwise they look amazing and healthy, nice work.


It’s just the light I’ll take a picture without the light when I get home lol I just started ff on the Amnesia haze a couple days ago.

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lol oh gotcha, just looked alittle hangry. Are you using silicon and Calmag with the FF?

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@rookiegrower not at this point. The soil I have her in is pretty rich and I’m going to transplant to 5 gallon in fresh so when she’s bigger more than likely as needed :slight_smile:


Ugh sad day… the power was out in my town yesterday for several hours I came home to a grow room at 98 degrees, she’s a little stressed today. Any tips? Or just let her recover?


Just let her recover. Nothing else you can do really.


@Gillstergirl I grow in coco. I see that your coco is way too dry. Never let a lite brown crust form on the top. Coco is not soil. It is a form of hydro.
Coco mixed with perlite has the ideal air to water ratio when it is 90%-100% saturated. This means that when the coco has lost 10% of the water that it can hold you should water again. Since water is about half the total volume of saturated coco, the amount of water required should be about 5% of the container volume.

As an example, in 5 gallons of media, it should take about 1 quart of water to achieve adequate run-off. This is less water than most growers assume. Quantities are small because frequency is high. Since you are never giving the coco an opportunity to dry out, there is never going to be much capacity for it to hold more water.

If it takes more than 5% of the container volume to produce run-off, it means that the coco has become too dry. The best remedy is to water more frequently. In coco, it is always better to err on the side of watering too much than not watering enough.

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Early in the grow, you should use look and feel along with volume to determine your coco watering frequency. However, as the plant becomes established and is growing rapidly, you should also consider EC. Adjusting the frequency of watering is our best tool to control the EC in the root zone and provide plants the best possible growing conditions.

The EC/PPM of the water will rise as the water sits in the pots. When we add fresh water, it lowers the EC in the pot to the level of the inflow. If we wait too long between watering’s, the EC/PPM in the pot may rise to dangerous levels and burn your plant.

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