My first time growing..hows she look


I started this in late Jan, wanted to keep it small, so its 12 inch tall with a leaf span of 12 inches as well…I believe I am in week 4 or 5 of 12/12…any advise will be helpful


Welcome to the forum @Greg_ld50. She’s getting nice and sparkly just like she should. Several weeks to go but she looks good.


Welcome! Pretty lil girl, just watch your trichs & the waits almost over.


What do y’all Think? Would you say she’s ready? Been flowering for 7 weeks


No, she’s not ready. She has lots of time to put on some weight. Be patient. :slightly_smiling_face:


So I just need to keep her on the same 10/14 light schedule that I’ve been using…i also read something about starving it of water for like a week or so before harvest…and also 3 days of complete darkness?? What do you think?


Oh, is she an auto? Yes, keep her on the same light schedule.

Some people withhold water, but most everyone will stop nutes about two weeks before harvest and start flushing with plain Ph-ed water. Then you put them in complete darkness for 24 to 48 hours prior to harvest. Withholding water is not necessary unless you have a high humidity problem and think the buds will not dry quickly enough.


Actually I’m not exactly sure if it was an auto seed or not…it was just one that was found in a really bag a buddy had a while back…didnt even think it’d really take off, so I’m doing it on no budget just things I’ve had around the house and just been learning as we go though the stages with her and what I’ve been soaking up around here and a couple other pages…


I’m pretty proud so far lol


Oh, I see, in that case since she’s started to flower you should put the lights on a 12/12 schedule. This will force her to flower even more.


I definitely appreciate the feedback folks…thanks for the help, i will post updates


@Greg_ld50 looks sticky!


Thank you, She’s definitely getting there… I’m pretty impressed for it being my first time and pulling it off without breaking myself lol next time I’ll be more prepared and knowledgeable…