My first thoughtful soil grow recipe and open for suggestion ?(additions or deletions)

Ingredient’s of Super Soil just add Base soil the following:

2nd batch of Base soil with the addition of:

Additional 7 liters Worm Castings

Blood Meal 10 ounces

Bone Meal 10 ounces

Rock Phosphate 10 ounces

Epson Salt 2 table spoons

Dolomite Lime 2 table spoons

Azomite 1 table spoon

Humic Acid 1 table spoon

Kelp ½ cup

Perlite 15-20% of volume

Mycorrhizae 1 table spoon

Ground Oyster shell ½ cup

Add water as I layer ingredients

Let cook for 30 days + in tight bag

Use in bottom 1/3-1/2 planter top off with 2/3 basic soil
This is not my own recipe but a copulation of many helpful reads over the winter.


Looking good buddy