My First Scrog Journey


Nice root system my friend, she’s going to explode once transplanted into her new home, great job @Johnzy81


Bought some Bitcoin and ordered 20 White Widow Auto Flower seeds. Also have a General Hydroponics grow kit shipping. I am starting with one plant but think I will get another hydro kit and another light so I can have two going with about a three week spacer. Hope the seeds make it …. wish me luck :wink:


So we are 2 days since I transplanted my girl and no sign of any shock yet thankfully folk’s :crossed_fingers:

here is an update photo of her in the new 1 gallon home :v:️.


that was just some leaf tucking she has big Indica leaf for sure :v:️ after I topped her.


She looks sad but as soon as she figures out what’s going on she’s gonna perk right back up!:+1:t4:


I’m planning on a scrog with this one it will be going through alot off LST and tucking fan leafs :v:️.


I have a CD in flower that I lst’d And scrogged like a mad man. She’s almost 4ft wide and I swear it looked like bondage when she was in veg with all kinds of ties and stakes pulling her this way and that.

You’re gonna like the end result!:+1:t4:


If I can get anything like that I will be over the moon with it that is a beautiful sight mate class nice one for sharing that it’s the best motivation I could ask for :100: :ok_hand:


That’s how it’s done, friend :+1:t3: I get in there and show ‘em whose boss :rofl: Stay! I said STAY!!!


Many thanks🙏🏽 All it is, is spreading in veg and tucking in stretch. Anybody can do it, and don’t be afraid to get a bit rough with her!


Lol​:joy::joy::joy:. It’s so true. You spend the first few weeks nursing them through seed and then the next few weeks beating the shit out of them till flower. It’s pretty messed up, but hey, ya need balance in life lol.


@MBgrower her is one of my journal if you would like have a look through it my friend and follow along if you like mate :v:️.


@Poseidon im over here buddy :+1:.


Awesome! You will have to send me pics of your tattoo ideas!


Indica leaves are small fans!!:joy:


@Johnzy81 @MBgrower - took a little less than a week to get the seeds in! I am going to begin with a hydroponic plug in the seed propagater on top of a heating pad. I have a decent 50watt full spectrum LED I will start with til I transplant. That light works well for baby plants. Will tag you on my journal


Hey there my friends hope everyone is doing well :v:️. I’m am going to update my journal soon but I have lost some time with a hospital stay but I’m back for awhile LOL, so as you know this is my Scorg Journal on an ICE female, I have lots off questions folk’s I know you can help me with I could read and find out what I need to know but that is not the same as doing it with friends, so I’m going to tag who I can remember if I am right done a scrog alright but please if I forget people please just pop in @M4ur @Momtomask @Myfriendis410 @Smilin @MattyBear @dbrn32 @Dieselgrower @raustin @Not2SureYet @Aolelon if any or all could please give me your opinions and advice, on" how high should I set my Tallis and how many times should I top my plant I first topped her at the 4th node and I also fimmed both off those both tops once so far any and all advice my friends I would like to keep this as a ILGM community Advice grow with what we have learnt thank you all in advance and I will think off the rest of our friends il just flick back up through some posts :wink:.


@Thelaughingwolf @Poseidon @dbrn32 @elheffe702 @Hogmaster @Donaldj @garrigan65 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Newb1


How big is the screen? I’d say you topped enough already, you can run them without any topping.


@Mrcrabs @Noctis420 @SilentHippie @SmoknGranny @Seeddog I hope I have got to everyone now as I said folk’s if it ok I’d like to keep this as a community grow so please share your thoughts and ideas with me I have only done a small bit of off research but I would love to do it this way I hope to get as many opinions as possible and pick one or mix up thing the whole way through thank again folk’s

those photos are about 12 days ago I will put some new photos up when she wakes up :+1: