My First Scrog Journey


It goes at your own pace and is meant as follow along guides as you are growing your ladies through each stage of life


Hey folks I will I promise be updating my journal but for now I have one question I hope @dbrn32 if you are around mate,. I had a power outage just now for the last 3 hours and it turned all my equipment off it has just came back on do I leave it off now tho it is just coming up on it time to turn off 2 minutes actually lol or let them stay on for an hour and back to normal for tomorrow…? @Donaldj @garrigan65 @Noctis420 @Momtomask @Not2SureYet @Noctis420 @FloridaSon @M4ur @MattyBear ?


Just go back to the way you had it. You will be fine


I agree with @garrigan65. A little hiccup here and there usually not enough to disrupt a grow. Would only be concerned if that was happening often.


Thank you folk’s so just back to my routine, I was worrying about temps and humidity but they didn’t get affected to much at all :+1:.
This is my lady now and how she is looking at the moment.

lots of training going on. I will give you a detail update very soon :v:.


. And that is from the side.


@Johnzy81 is she flowering or is that light green just new growth


It’s just all new growth mate thankfully, I am really trying to do this proper and so far so good. :v:


Looking good man✌️


@Johnzy81 - You are a natural at this my friend. You also have obtained a wealth of knowledge! I am sure this crop will be stellar.


Hey there my favorite “across the pond” friend! I lost track of your thread!! I’m over in the Lab most of the time but try to pop over here a few times a week. You’re growing marvelously as usual! Be well, Jeb


18/6 til your reading then 12/12


Looking good, @Johnzy81! It won’t be long now.


I’m late to answer to your question and garrigan65 give you a good answer :+1:.
That girl looks great, if I was you I will take some lower branches and make some clones( just what I will do :joy:).
Nice to see you doing your thing :+1:.
I need to start from scratch and read it :smirk:.
Keep doing what you do :+1::+1::+1::wink:


Everything is going well my friend? I hope you are doing well and your girls are doing well :joy: :+1: @Johnzy81


Happy anniversary bro, I’m glad that I meet you here, It was a long year :joy: