My First Rodeo - Mental Mumblings & Sex Anxiety

Hello :wave:t3: This is my first post here! I had a good look through the forums for all my questions, but man there’s a lot of posts! I know heaps of people have asked all these questions, but thought it might be helpful to have my own thread with all my questions :wink: (maybe it’s a millennial thing).

I am a super newbie at growing Mary - had a rough idea of what I needed to do, but essentially just wanted to see how they would go naturally outside with little intervention. I’m based on the East coast of Australia (Inland from Port Macquarie).

Here’s the 411(roughly) -
I have two plants that are at the 3 month mark (sprouted approx July 12th, by August 1st they had two good sets of true leaves :maple_leaf:).
They are growing like crazy! I used a bit of fertiliser for tomato plants after transplanting them into large pots, as well as some mushroom compost left over from growing oyster mushies (some companion plants in there too). Otherwise they have just been doing their thing with regular watering.

So I guess my questions are

  1. can ya’ll help me out to figure what my schedule is what stage are my plants at? Late vegetative? They seem to be exhibiting signs of pre-flowers? When can I expect flowering to occur? They look like Sativas (the seeds are from some dank bush we smoke, so nothing particularly remarkable) so will they take longer in the vegetative / flowering stage?

  2. is my dirty hippie, “go with the flow” approach too “go with the flow??”
    Do I need to be more attentive to my plants? Bringing them inside at night ect? (It can get down to 4 degrees here at night and up to 30 during the day - they seem to be fine but could this be stressing them?) should I be considering re-potting them & adding nutrients? (See images below)

  3. Is pruning, trimming etc necessary? (I’m not super interested in a big yield, but wouldn’t be opposed to learning some tips & tricks to care & manage the plant for a good yield)

  4. sexing plants - the question that’s really driving me up the wall! I’ve perhaps prematurely named my plants “Tall Girl” (1) & “Lil Mama” (2).
    Lil Mama, smells dank as fuaarkkk, low & bushy appearance.
    Tall Girl, aptly named, is tall - initially leaves were more sparse but has begun to bush out.
    when can I expect (approx) to genuinely sex these plants? I have added some pictures of nodes & some inklings of preflowers (I’m seeing some balls on Lil Mama (Papa?!?)

Let me know what ya’ll think & to the legends that take the time to read my questions & help me out, I appreciate you wholeheartedly & may you have many wonderful growths & fantastic highs! :wink:There is so much info out there it gets a little overwhelming, I need to be babied a little here lol.


They’re droopy.

Water/ root bound - need to be place in bigger planter. No support plants

Need more light- big dense buds need lots of light


1-Late veg

2- always go with the flow

3- pruning is not necessary for outdoor plants but it is necessary for indoor to keep plants from getting mold, and not getting enough light

4-sex - not yet . They will either show balls or white fibers/ hairs that are very distinctly different from one another


Thanks PharmerBob! Appreciate your comments, do you mean that I should not have support plants or it would be beneficial to add some?
I think I may have overwatered them last thus the droop but I will get some larger containers & hopefully they will perk up! Any suggestions for pot type? Cheers!

Welcome! Always nice to find another Aussie - from the same state even!!! :partying_face: :+1:

They have good deep colour. Just need to get them into bigger tubs and ease up on the water - they will tell you when they need a drink.
You shouldn’t need the stake in there for support, the plant should be strong enough to support its own weight - it isn’t needed.
I use 5 gallon plastic tubs but many prefer the big grow bags :wink: :+1: :sunglasses:


I grow indoors, but being that we just entered spring and yours are outdoors girls, I would guess they will want to start flowering soon. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Thanks friend! love hearing that there are some fellow conscientious objectors to the law :wink: I will definitely get them into some bigger pots. The stakes are more for my own ego watching them grow :joy: but I will remove them too once I re-home them (fingers crossed they are both female!!)

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No problem!
It won’t be long before you can tell if you have girls. Once you get them into the larger pots, they will really take off. Just remember to be patient - and don’t panic. I found that one of the biggest challenges. Now, I take it slower - watch the plants carefully - they will tell you exactly what you need.
Love the Port Mac area - used to spend a lot of time up that way. Even looked at buying a house up that way. I love it up there - it has everything I want - most importantly, it gets me out of the big smoke.
Once they take off, keeping your ego in hand might be the issue! :rofl: :wink:

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There’s actually quite a few of what I would call outlaw growers on the forum. Self included.



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If it is spring there and you are growing outdoors then I would think the plants will remain in veg for about 4 more months unless you put them out too early, in which case they will begin to flower, but will stop once the hours of light every day becomes too great, then they will remain that way until they begin flowering again in 4 months. Not the best thing to do to your girls.


I have been eagerly keeping an eye on them, but I need to learn patience as a virtue! It’s certainly different from the city, a great region with beautiful beaches & country all around, what more could you ask for? (Except some dank buds!)

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Hello fellow outlaw!

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Thank you!

Patience was something I had to learn very quickly as well!
Beaches, bush and waterways is what I love - and as you say - everything is on your doorstep.
Absolutely! Bring on the sticky goodness!

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Hey mate! Thanks for your response :grin: Would you mind clarifying what you mean by “putting them out too early”? Would that be classified as “re-vegging” the plants? If I intend to keep them outside permanently won’t they just adjust to the seasons & go as they please? (Can you tell I’m a hippie?!)

I’ve never been to Australia so I might be full of it because your light cycles are completely different then what I experience, but here in the northern United States we are currently experiencing roughly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of dark.

If you already have about 14 hours of daylight where you live then you have nothing to worry about, but if you are currently getting say 13 hours or less of daylight and you put your plants outside they may be triggered to begin flowering. The plants respond to the number of dark hours, and if there are too many dark hours they aren’t smart enough to know that the days are getting longer or shorter, they just respond to the number of hours of darkness. After a few weeks they will get it figured out, but in the meantime the flowers start to develop, then stop when the hours of darkness become too few, then the plants go back to veg.

In the fall when the number of hours of darkness get to around 11 hours per night it will stimulate your plants to begin to flower once again.

It’s real easy to avoid the problem by giving your plants a few extra hours of light every night in the spring. You could put them near an outdoor light, or bring them inside at night and let them get extra light from your house lights. Doesn’t require grow lights.


Hey thanks so much for explaining that! I totally understand what you’re saying now :grin: I’ll have to be more observant of my current light cycles & makes some changes to my plants routines if necessary. I have an outdoor light that I can stick them under if need be, that’s awesome that you can trick them a little & end up doing them more good! Cheers for that mate!

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Hoping these aren’t plant nads! What do you guys think, trying to be patient here! :laughing: (the white hairs are cat fur)

Yeah that’s going to be a dude…