My first results

Hello everyone I cropped my first plant. It was the one I was growing in the cotton candy cups. Over all I’m very pleased. It’s cured for only a week but really wanted to try it so I threw some I. A bowl last night and it’s very strong. It is the stickiest weed I’ve personally seen which is cool. It is so covered the stems were even so sticky I needed gloves.

I am a bit disappointed with how dense they ended up being. They looked huge but once they dried they were not that impressive in size. I Hope I can fix this in my next grow. Here are some pics. I want to thank everyone that helped me on ILGM community! You’re so awesome again I could not have even gotten this far with out your help so thanks!

image image image


Looking good. You can increase your lighting intensity for your next grow. Nice result for your first time though :sunglasses:

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Looks like you chopped right at peak thc and little to no amber. Same as im

Super congrats I just harvested my 1st batch too and i love how glittery they’re getting as they finish drying keep up the awesome growing


So I’m using leds which really helps me control the temperature in the tent. I have 2 600 full spectrum and 1 2000w full spec the links are below. My tent is 36"x20"x63". I was thinking about buying another 2000w and getting rid of the 600s. I started thinking though if it may be better to add some of these single bulbs and put them in some cheap shop lights from Walmart with the metal shield. It would increase over all wattage in the tent without a lot of cost. Thoughts?

My lights

LED Grow Light 2000W Full…

LED Grow Light Plant Lights -…

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When I first started I had 6 foot fluorescent tubes everywhere. What a pia they were. Quickly moved across to HID then led. I intend to go back to side lighting and give it a go. HLG do some nice verticals as I’m sure others do as well. Be careful when buying lights from Amazon as they’re guilty of being lenient with the truth about their lights. There’s a few guys on here been bumped :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. @dbrn32 will know if they’re any good or not

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Those lights aren’t great, but the 3 of them in 2x3ish space should have provided good results. Unless there was maybe other issues throughout the grow?

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