My first real grow


Figured I would start a new topic hi name’s josh just started my first real grow done plenty outdoors wanted a lil more control so here we go week 2 pic


She’s on 24 right now in a bubbler bucket


Looking good!




Watching with interest I see you are using coco in place of leca I am eager to see how it works out :slight_smile:


Not sure how it’s going to go I know tlc but I’m not sure about media’s an nutrients I have just always had good luck growing outdoor and figured I’d give indoor a try


I’m interested to , due to me having that same set up and a hydrponic water farm also , so I’ll have some questions .


Happy to help if I can


Yoshi does your water farm work with this setup or is it separately


Hey yoshi does your water farm work with this system or is it a separate system


What system ? Honestly I have not tried hydro yet , I’ve only been doing soil as of now . I have no clue about hydro at all .


Yoshi this what he is asking about


Thanks Donald not sure how to move stuff around like that


all good sometimes he confuses me too lol :slight_smile: know’s his stuff just not sure English is his first language which makes for some interesting translations


I’m that confusing ? I understood he was asking , but I never done hydro at all ever is my response to his question , now I’ve bought the hydroponic water farm , but it’s never been out the box Ever . I don’t write in understandable English far as school grammar and the proper way , I’m sorry , I forgot all that high school stuff 3 million puffs ago smoking on some really good medical in the 1990’s , but I’ll try to think and write more simple .


It’s all good Yoshi just razzing you not disputing you know your shit.


I understand my brother , but I get that a lot . I be trying to make it simple , but don’t know slang .


I’m out of the loop on slang technology hell and half my proper English


There wasn’t even proper English in the way my perents spelt my name


lol Josh I am running a dwc system but only for testing purposes using hydroton and no drip which was why your use of coco has me intrigued since I was going to try it and got spooked out of it lmao.