My first real grow with 8th gen seed descended from blueberry og so I'm told

this goes against everything I know but here it goes I have my fingers crossed. I have a 5x5x7 lighthouse hydro tent 1000w mh and hps with an air cooled hood. I have a 6in inline fan to cool the light and heat my house for the winter lol. I have another 6in inline fan to exhaust up through my ridge vent to help no eliminate the smell I have no carbon filter. im using coco, pete,perlite, wormcastimgs, and expanded clay pellets as a medium. im using Alaska fish fertilizer at the moment but am goin with the flora series asap. I did no transplanting went straight into 3 gallon fabric pots from seed no germination or anything just put the seed in the dirt. im using a revolt 1000w dimmable digital ballist at 50% right at the moment. I am so nervous over this Im second guessing it as I type this but im goin for it and I could use all the help I can get. so fingers crossed ,here it goes.


Pics or it didn’t happen


I just spent like 20 min tryin to figure it out I uploaded the pics but then when I went to post it said I wasn’t permitted to view something I cant remember have you ever heard of this?

Try fewer pictures

It acts funny sometimes, also change file size to med or low if adding 5 or more

ok I was doing like 7 I think so maybe that’s it do you put them in with an edit of the original post or make a new post?

Sometimes you can get away with same post others new all same thread tho

I put the seed in the ground 1month ago tomorrow no germination or soaking just seed in the dirt and one month time.



Off to a great start!

A couple thoughts:
I’d find a way to lift those fabric pots off the floor, especially if the floor is getting cold. Regardless, you don’t want the bag sitting in excess water.

I would take enough plants out of the tent so I could sit inside comfortably, leave a bright light on outside, and sit in the dark tent. Listen to music or a good podcast, but no using screens. After 20 minutes of dark your eyes will reveal any light leaks. If you find any, best to fix them before flower. Depending on where they are, there are many different fixes. Don’t worry about the leaks messing with your vegetative cycle.

How wide is your temperature range? Why do you think that is, and what can you do to narrow it? I have ideas, but I could use more info.



Your plants looks great @Thc-lover1! Set to watching!
Also, just for fun, I left you a bit of homework in your other thread!

Strain suggestions for a semi newb with lots of experience growing food and a decent setup - #29 by kaptain3d

Have fun :wink:


I went ahead and set to watching. Great looking plants and a good start to your grow.

I have a couple of observations:

In future no worm castings. They are generally benign but can make it harder for you to properly feed them. Coco and perlite is all you want. Remember; it’s only a matrix to support a root ball and hold some moisture.

I might actually have these in 5 gallon pots myself. Larger root mass will support a larger, denser flowering canopy.

There are some inexpensive remote thermostats that you can tie in to your exhaust fan to help maintain temps and RH. You can also automate if you are tech savvy.

Light levels appear to be great. Plants are on the hungry side of good which is kinda where I like to be.

Are these autos or photos?


Set to watching. Good luck with the grow. The trust of this place will grow on you.

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Your girls are beautiful! Nice set up

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Set to watching, your plants are looking great!! @Myfriendis410 gave you some solid advice!!

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they are supposed to be photo, im not sure the man who gave them to me said he had been breeding them for 8 generations and he started with blueberry og is all he told me he didn’t say anything else but to make em flower put em on 12-12 so I assume photo. I have a cruise temp hanging in the top of my tent set to 78 because it says it starts 3 degrees befor and stops 3 degrees below the target. I have a lot of new info so if I can make it through this one ok I will do some things different next time. for one not have such a big pot to begin with the first time I watered it stayed wet for about 12 days so now I just do a very little bit around them. I need to get them up off the floor as well so they don’t hold water or sit in it. thanks again for all the help I cant believe how helpful everyone is.


thank you very much I hope they turn out half as good as yours!


The people on this forum helped me get to where I am! Any issues or questions just ask. You’ll get more help than you can imagine


You are gonna owe all of us. The payment is some bud porn.


I have had a problem with the temps your right my gauge had reset for the 24hr in the photo, for 14 days it has been 61 at night with about 80 to 85% and for the day time temps around 70 to 77 I had one day that it was unseasonably warm that got up 82 but that’s the highest so far. I also do need to get them up off the floor they are in a 2nd story but still I don’t want them on the tent like that holding water and sitting in it I had them in platters and it was way worse I was using a shop vac to suck the water out of the trays. the seeds are supposed to be photo he told me to switch to 12-12 when I was ready to flower so that’s a dead give away. They seem to be doing pretty good so far I put em in the dirt as a seed on dec 15 so tomorrow they are a month old from seed. the stems are super strong I was gona try some lst but they are so stiff it wanted to pull the roots up instead of bend so I left them for later they are under 6in tall anyway well one is a hair over but the stems range from .289 to .317 for the biggest. im gona do exactly like you said and sit in there and see If any light comes in I have the window of the room double bagged with a thick black trash bags for the heat savings and to keep out light, I also have a blind and a set of light blocking curtains on top of that and I try to keep the door of the room closed as much as possible. I also have a vent in the floor right beside one of the tent vents so the heat from my propane stove can get to them some during the night, im not sure if that’s a good idea or not but it has been holding my night time temps to 61 for almost 2 weeks straight 61 every night 70-77 day time once 82. thank you for all the help it has been very greatly appreciated.

I have been noticing that very thing and they are quick about it too I went to eat came back and had 10 messages the response is awesome.