My First Plant Is In Trouble...! Please help

Hi everyone…!! I’m growing my first plant…all was going very well…the plant was growing great and started to bid beautifully…!! I used Miracle Grow soil and feed it about every 10-12 days with Miracle grow plant food…I also give it molasses at the same time…(friend told me to do that)…now all of the sudden one of the stems which splits in two stems is dying…it’s wilted and some of the leaves turned a weird color (dark grayish)…!!! Not sure what or how to diagnose…it’s my first…I’ve read and looked at pictures but I can’t figure it out…please help…!! As you can see from the pics the rest of the plant is doing great…


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If it’s one limb only I would look to see if something has invaded the stem. Look for mechanical damage on that stem. Failing that it could be stem rot.

If it’s happening on the entire plant your soil and fertilizer regimen is catching up to you. Miracle Gro is WAY too hot for cannabis, is not PH buffered to ideal range for cannabis, and is composed of some fairly harsh fertilizers that are nasty to smoke. The leaf is showing a deficiency but in high levels an excess can look like a deficiency. More likely is your soil PH is way out of bounds to uptake P and K and you are seeing the result.

Thank you for responding so quickly Myfriends…

The rest of the plant is doing great so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be the soil…?? When I water I do water it until it drains from the bottom and I keep doing it since I had an early on problem months ago with what appeared to be root rot…!!! I drilled plenty of holes and started flushing it every time I water it and it came back really nice and strong…!!! I read that’s what you’re supposed to do and it worked…

If it was the soil wouldn’t that affect the entire plant…??

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Several things: you may not have experienced problems yet but you will with MG. Do you have a decent digital PH meter and TDS meter? If not I would strongly suggest you acquire them as they are the most used tools in the toolbox for cannabis. Your PH is likely in the 4’s and cannabis needs to be in the 5.5 to 6.5 range. That’s a LOT. Nutrients the plant needs are not soluble in that acidic soil and will inhibit root growth. You can grow with MG but things need to be done well before this point.

What is a TDS…??? And if my ph is low how can I raise it…???

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TDS=Total Dissolved Solids. It’s also called a ‘PPM’ meter. It measures the solid content in any aqueous solution. You can determine your salts level with it and tailor responses to excesses and deficiencies. PH is self explanatory.

Top dressing dolomite lime can help act as a buffer, but deep in flower you are in trouble. Likely the best thing is to monitor the runoff TDS and discontinue MG nutes. Your input water should be PH’d unless using R/O or distilled. But the problem with being this far along and making changes is the plant will hermaphrodite or will die. Also in later life cycle the roots tend to die back and contribute additional acidic conditions to the MG soil (which is already acidic).

Best to ride it out and support it through the last few weeks.

Don’t feel bad; many of us have done the same thing, including me.

The local Home Depot didn’t have any of the meters so I ordered them online…

Should I cut off the dying stem…?? Harvest what I can…??

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Did you look at the one branch? Find a cause? Because that’s kind of important.

Good job on the meters. PH up and down and 7.0 Standard Reference Solution is good to have too.

I looked but I don’t see anything…other than it’s wilting…??? If you look at the pics above there’s one of a leaf that’s got a weird color…I was hoping someone might recognize what is causing it based on that…??

Phosphorus deficiency. Either from a lockout (probably the case) or lack of phosphorus (unlikely).

What is lockout mean…??? Whee can I get some Phosphorous…??

Cool fall nighttime temps will cause purpling like that. I’m assuming because phosphorus gets locked out below 50f.

If you’ve recently had nighttime dips below 50f, that’s probably why. If temps haven’t dropped below 60f, then it’s probably some type of lockout due to the mg soil.

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I’m with @Myfriendis410 it looks Iike that limb isn’t being supplied with water/ nutrients . Check close for a cracked or pinched stem . She looks top heavy and leaning , def in danger range for a split.

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Hi Modzero ,the first thing I would do is take of water leafes and leave the top ones that way it mite stop stressing outAnd don’t over water it.